Please pay attention to malicious fraud!

Recently, we have received reports about ticket fraud and fraud cases made in the name of LDH or LDH artists.
Some fraud cases are listed below. However, new methods of fraud cases emerge one after another. Please be cautious to avoid being cheated.
Moreover, when you suffer from fraud cases listed below or find out something considered as fraud, please immediately contact the police. LDH will also take effective measures against illegal or unfair cases.

Ticket fraud If you choose to purchase tickets not through the official sales channels, you may suffer from fraud such as purchasing tickets at a higher price, get invalid tickets or even get no ticket at all!
You may suffer from ticket fraud if you purchase tickets through online auctions, on SNS sites, on ticket re-sale websites or near the venue at a higher price. In these cases, you may get invalid tickets or fake tickets.
LDH will provide information about purchasers of theses tickets when the police formally ask LDH to cooperate in the investigation.
Please note that we will not contact the purchasers in advance under these circumstances.
When the police contact you for investigation, please confirm their identities before you assist them in the investigation.
Lastly, LDH is against purchasing and reselling tickets for profit. Please cooperate with us.
Event fraud Fraudsters will ask for participation fee or entrance fee after making an announcement in the name of LDH artists that LDH will hold events!!
They will ask for participation fee or entrance fee stating that LDH artists will make guest appearances at events. But in fact, LDH artists are not scheduled to appear at these events.
LDH artists will only appear at the events officially announced by LDH. Please confirm in advance whether the announcement is made by LDH or not.
Fraud on SNS sites Fraudsters will trick you into paying by asking you to visit designated websites from SNS sites or e-mails!!
They will falsely claim that they are staff members from LDH or friends of LDH artists or update some content which may make you feel that they are LDH artists. Then they will send you posts or e-mails to tell you LDH artists' contact information or to show you private photos and videos of LDH artists and trick you into paying by asking you to visit designated websites or apps.
Such payment requests are strongly suspected as fraud.
Some malicious sites are even claiming that they have license obtained from LDH. Our company has never given authorizations to these websites and no relationship exists between managers of these sites and LDH.
Recruitment fraud under the guise of staff members There are currently people who falsely represent themselves as the LDH staff and offer a job in LDH. Recruitment fraud is occurring, when the perpetrators solicit people to make money transfers or payments!!
The perpetrators will usually falsely represent themselves as an LDH employee and offer fictitious job opportunities. Recruitment fraud is occurring, when they ask applicants if they could help LDH develop new business or establish branch offices and, eventually, request money transfers or payments from applicants.
They can approach you asking directions on the street and then pretend to offer you a job opportunity to thank you for showing them the way. Or they can contact you through e-mail or social media and pretend to offer you a job opportunity as an apology for the inconvenience the LDH artists caused. We are receiving information about various methods of fraud!
To obtain your trust, they would give you their business cards, promise high wages and even hold welcoming ceremonies and parties to persuade you.
Genuine LDH employers do not request money transfers or payments from applicants when they enter the company or meet LDH artists. If someone asks you to pay charges, please be cautious that there is a huge chance that it is a case of fraud!