LDH apparel

LDH Apparel manages the brands "24karats", "J.S.B.", "PKCZ®", "FULL-BK", "TEG TEG", "STUDIO SEVEN", "FORSOMEONE" and "Enasoluna". It also manages the select shop "VERTICAL GARAGE" featuring a pop-up space and handling various items and contents of 24karats, J.S.B. and other brands as well as "STUDIO SEVEN" & "FORSOMEONE" stores. Apart from the rehearsal wear used during live tours, the costumes from music videos and concerts are also designed by LDH Apparel. Their replicas are sold in real and online stores. Producing products in collaboration with different artists is a feature of LDH apparel. It develops its fashion with diversity from multiple perspectives.

With Overseas Collaborations LDH Will Approach The World Market

LDH Apparel CEOSatoshi Ogawa
Originally established to develop rehearsal gear for EXILE, the commercial success of “24 Karats” laid the foundation for the establishment of LDH Apparel. With direct input from LDH artists and a strong mission to create products of the highest quality, LDH Apparel has continued to impact the industry with innovative changes in fashion. As we leap into the global market, we will be collaborating with international creatives to introduce what we have to offer to the global market. By building infrastructure in local regions we can also change the fashion landscape by tailoring our designs to each country and customer.
LDH apparel

Performance & Fashion Share The Same Creative Spirit


LDH apparel

Communicating with the LDH Apparel staff and keeping an open mind has allowed me to express my love for fashion. In 2015, HIRO gave me the opportunity to produce my own brand “Studio Seven” and truly become a part of LDH Apparel. Although I have always been an active member of the decision-making process, this new role at LDH Apparel allows me to have a direct impact and communicate the heart and philosophy of EXILE with the entire team.

LDH pictures

LDH Pictures is a film distribution company. What differentiates LDH Pictures from other distributors is the use of multiple labels depending on the type of film. the first label, “LDH PICTURES”, will distribute films created by LDH as a whole. Films such as documentaries that focus on LDH’s vocal and dance talent will be distributed through “HI-STREET PICTURES”. “HIGH BROW CINEMA,” will strive to distribute new genres such as anime and foreign lms.

LDH stage

Taking inspiration and direction from EXILE HIRO, LDH Stage works to coordinate all elements of the live performance and works quickly with artists and staff to ensure that everything is succinct and top notch. In addition, LDH stage conducts detailed research of performance venues, and creates a strong performance schedule to give our audiences a spectacular show. Aside from the planning and operations of LIVE performances of LDH artists, LDH stage carries out all operational tasks, organization of stage settings, design, lighting, and even coordination of rehearsals.

LDH music&publishing

LDH Strives to create a creative world without boarders for artists and producers to collaborate on timeless, game changing music. Based out of three continents: Asia, USA, and Europe with four bases located in Tokyo, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and Shanghai we aim for the compositions coming out of LDH to become the industry standard. Thus, LDH World production will create music that everyone in the world will grow to love by first creating a realm where an artist can both have the greatest entry into the industry possible as well as a viable exit at times when the pressure becomes overwhelming. We aim to build a seamless system that integrates development and management of artists with production of the music and live experience. We also will vigorously protect the rights of our artists. At LDH the artist come first. We believe this to be integral to growing this company as well as being positive contributors to the arts around the world.

LDH kitchen

LDH Kitchen currently manages 8 stores, most of which are restaurants. Apart from Japanese bar, skewered chicken, curry and other types of cuisine, LDH Kitchen has also opened a collaboration sushi restaurant with the aim of revitalizing the craftsmen's world. The coffee shop "AMAZING COFFEE" in Tokyo and Osaka supervised by EXILE TETSUYA is also managed by LDH Kitchen. LDH Kitchen is a company that runs various kinds of restaurants.
In addition, it opens "Izakaya EXILE" every year at event venues to provide fans with the projects that will make them happy using the tool called food and drinks.

LDH Will Combine Entertainment With Food & Drink

LDH Kitchen CEOHiroyuki Suzuki
LDH Kitchen strives to create a unique blend of food and entertainment. LDH currently serves a variety of cuisine throughout our restaurants, and our goal for 2017 is for each restaurant to bring out its unique aspects, and accommodate elements of entertainment to provide an unforgettable experience. In the summer of 2017, LDH Kitchen plans to open its first restaurant overseas in Los Angeles with an aim to blend the beauty of Japanese cuisine with each location’s unique food culture. With a new direction for 2017, along with our annual summer tradition “Izakaya EXILE” and our newly founded event “HiGH&LOW THE BASE”, LDH Kitchen is excited to bring happiness and enjoyment to our fans.
LDH apparel

Coffee & Dance Create A Unique Combination A Mix To Connect The World


LDH apparel

Brewing coffee for my band-mates has taught me to develop and enrich my hospitality, and my heart was driven to produce “AMAZING COFFEE.” I am fully convinced that both dance and coffee are universal languages that hold unlimited potential everywhere in the world. Dance and coffee have given me the opportunity to chase my dreams as both EXILE TETSUYA and a member of LDH Kitchen. It is my mission to integrate elements of EXILE-Entertainment into LDH Kitchen’s global future.

LDH models

Until recently, actors and models were separated by profession. LDH Models strives to train and nurture models and actors in the same vein. This provides more opportunities for LDH to impact the entertainment industry and gives both our Models and Actors a new edge so they can then perform in all forms of media. Embracing their individual attractiveness as a model, and embracing study as an actor, we foresee limitless chances to share LDH talent. Along with the presence of Takanori Iwata from J SOUL BROTHERS III starring in all types of media, we will leverage the potential of emerging talent such as Anna Ishii. We recognize Anna as a future star capable of inhabiting both roles. Our mission is to give both men and women similar opportunities to be in the media.

LDH martial arts

LDH Martial Arts is a platform for LDH to nurture new talent and fighters with the goal of elevating Martial Arts to the dream status enjoyed by other sports. We strive to inspire children to achieve their goals and dreams through Martial Arts, and maintain high quality gyms and training spaces. We want to establish a gym which can also be utilized by LDH artists for personal training to increase and maintain their physical fitness. As a gym LDH Martial Arts will continue to increase it’s brand recognition and reputation.

With Martial Arts, I Will Inspire Children To Pursue Their Dreams

LDH Martial Arts CEOHiroyuki Takaya
I look forward to leading LDH Martial Arts forward and embracing the new LDH structure. Through martial arts I have encountered amazing people, experienced life changing events, and seen an overwhelmingly positive impact on my own development. Taking my own experience into account, I hope to inspire children to pursue their dreams with Martial Arts. Around the world, Martial Arts are perceived as a vehicle for success. However, in Japan, there is remarkable opportunity for growth. LDH Martial Arts will hone talent and help bring new faces and challengers to the world. My ultimate goal is to hold an international tournament and call on players from all around the world to expand our possibilities and create more opportunities through Martial Arts.
LDH dance earth

Dance Earth combines the adventure of traveling with the energy of dance and audience participation. Keywords that describe the project are “Participation” and “Experience.” Both Dance and Travel are things you must experience. We aren’t satisfied with just a visual experience. Dance Earth will release singles and host festivals as “DANCE EARTH PARTY”, and will continue to travel the world to spread happiness and connect with everyone through dance.

LDH apparel

By Experiencing Dance The World Can Experience Happiness

Dance EarthYoshihiro Usami

LDH apparel

LDH’s new corporate structure with bases in JAPAN, ASIA, EUROPE, and USA has created an opportunity for the world to experience happiness through dance. What’s so spectacular about dance is that you can bring to life the feelings and emotions that often times leave you speechless. Even when visiting another country where you cannot verbally communicate, you can express yourself and connect with others through dance. Dance Earth represents the “Power of Dance.” Dance has taught me to treat each friendship, meeting, and encounter with respect and kindness. My mission is to continue to share our message of Love, Dream, and Happiness to enrich the world with Global Entertainment.


EXPG was founded in 2003 with a passion of providing a place where young kids can realize their dreams.
It is a professional school which aims to nurture artists = entertainers through the expression of Dancing, Singing, and Acting.
Our mission is not only to develop the next generation of artists, but also cultivate the talents who can be recognized on an international level.
As of December 2017, we have 12 schools in Japan, including schools in Tokyo and Miyazaki, as well as 3 schools overseas in Taipei, New York and Los Angeles.

LDH apparel

Share Your Dreams In A Place You Can Achieve Them


LDH apparel

EXILE Professional Gym (EXPG) is a place of many memories. I would not be standing here as a member of EXILE if USA and MAKIDAI had not approached me with the words “Hey, Why don’t you dance with us?” Today I am honored to work together with the staff and instructors to inspire children who dream through dance. I hope to continue to provide a positive impact on the students as a member of EXILE, an actor, and a dance performer.

LDH wedding

LDH wedding is a project inspired by fan club members who want us to produce a wedding ceremony for them.
It is LDH's new entertainment.
LDH with entertainment expertise such as live shows and music videos will collaborate with a wedding planning company which has 45 years of experience and produce the best entertainment wedding for you.
"We aspire to let your wedding be the best entertainment in your life."
We hope that you enjoy a wonderful time full of smiles with everyone.


LDH O, a creator team of LDH JAPAN and Osamu Suzuki, aims to produce various kinds of "O = OPUS" in the world.
Apart from production and direction of stage plays, movies, dramas and other video works, the team also started to take on some new challenges, such as "LDH O Story Garage" which presents visualized plot and original story ideas of those works as VTR proposals.
Moreover, the team also collects projects from the public in order to find new creators with original ideas.

LDH Records

As a group of music creators from Japan who are also admired around the world, LDH Records based in Japan, Asia, USA and Europe continues to take on new challenges and offer support to EXILE TRIBE and other artists as well as KOMA DOGG label led by EXILE SHOKICHI. It will step on the world's stage as the next-generation label while searching for new talents regardless of genre.