We create the entertainment with the theme of Love, Dream, Happiness
and spread them to all the people around the world.
Besides, we keep on contributing to the society rich in spirit and hopeful to all the children.


The fundamental principle of LDH is to be "people-oriented".

Since people have strong aspirations to realize dreams,
a space was created and it is broadening out by connecting inspirations and ideas of everyone.

LDH aims to provide more places for people to realize their dreams.
As the ideas connect together, more new places will appear.

Places which can make various possibilities and dreams come true overlapping each other
will create a synergistic effect.

We help people to realize their dreams and because of these dreams hopes will be given to more people.
We think that comprehensive entertainment which LDH aims for can create such an auspicious cycle.

With passion and determination LDH will keep on promoting entertainment
with Love, Dream and Happiness as our theme.


LDH Will Succeed In Entertainment Success For Japan & The World

LDH JAPAN CEOMasataka Mori

At LDH we are very excited to introduce our new company structure as a way for everyone to realize their true potential and achieve their dreams.
Within EXILE TRIBE there are many individuals who have been heavily influenced by foreign dance, music and entertainment culture, so it was only natural for them to start looking to expand overseas.
Our new company structure will facilitate that expansion.
HIRO will continue to lead creatively, with ideas from an all-star talent roster and bolstered by an international creative team, and globally diverse staff.
The concept of “one LDH one Team” is a hallmark of LDH, and LDH will place talent at the forefront of many leadership positions.
AKIRA, Kenchi Tachibana, TETSUYA, NAOTO, and Naoki Kobayashi will join as key advisors in each area of LDH, where they will continue to lead and inspire. I also believe that these new responsibilities will motivate them to create more innovate content.
Only by following our philosophy of “Love, Dream, & Happiness” have we truly been able to become who we are today. Using these words as a guide, LDH will continue to grow overseas.
Just as personal relationships led to the opening of EXPG Miyazaki, we will continue to cherish relationships and connect Japan to the world with those who share our same philosophy.
It is my personal belief that experiencing success in Entertainment can strengthen the ties between Japan and the World.


Company Name LDH JAPAN Inc.
Established September 18th, 2003
Group Companies



LDH apparel Inc.
LDH music&publishing Inc.
LDH kitchen Inc.
LDH martial arts Inc.
dance earth Inc.
expg Inc.
LDH Bridal Produce Inc.
LDH O Inc.
expg family Inc.

Business Activities
  • ・Training and management of musicians and talent.
  • ・Contracting, producing, and performance of music, movies, theater, and public performances.
  • ・Voice acting, video software planning, production, manufacturing, sales, rental and copyrighting
  • ・The publication and sale of books, musical score and other printed matter
  • ・Planning, sale, and management of the rights of products featuring popular characters.
  • ・Management of apparel businesses.
  • ・Management of dance and vocal schools.