Application requirements

  • ・From 4th grade pupils in primary school to 22-year-old males/females
    ※*Underaged minors must acquire the permission from their guardians.
  • ・People who are currently available and not involved in any contract with certain entertainment productions,record companies or music publishing companies.


Genre of recruitment

③Actor / actress


How to apply

Please write down the required items listed below on your resume (There is no limit on the format except for using the standard market-sold paper that can be used for your resume.) Please prepare the samples from ① to ④ for the genre you want to apply correspondingly, enclose them in an envelope, and then mail to the address below.


  • ① The sound track (CD) or video (DVD) of your singing performance
  • ② The video (DVD) of your dancing performance
  • ③ ④ Resume itself (Several photos can be enclosed, too.)


【Requirments for the resume】 For all applications

  • ・Photos (Bust and full-length photos, one for each, no photo sticker will be accepted) *The photo you send must be taken within the previous 6 months.
  • ・Please write down your name (Furigana name), gender, birthday, age, height, weight, bust / waist / hip measurements, educational background (work experience), entertainment career (experience), the genre you want to apply for, letter of consent from your guardians (for minors only), hobbies, specialties, your reason for making this application and self-introduction. And also, please write your home address, phone number and e-mail address through which we can contact you.


※There is no application deadline. However, the application may be terminated depending on circumstances. The reception is in progress now.



SP614, 5-15-1, Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Personnel-in-charge of "Recruitment Homepage", LDH JAPAN Inc.



  • *The sound tracks, photos and documents for the application will not be returned to you.
  • *We'll only contact the people who pass the examination within 3 months.
  • *Regarding privacy policy, all personal information will be strictly managed and preserved based on our standardized privacy policy. It will never be used for other purposes.