Inspiring Children To Work
Towards Their Dreams Social Community & Welfare Activities

LDH's social contribution activities were initiated under the idea
that "certain social contributions can be made only through entertainment".
The theme "Dreams For Children" shows children the happiness of having dreams and aims to support them
in realization of their dreams. Centering upon Social Contribution Department, LDH staff,
artists and talents work together to provide various support
and places to get an actual experience for children who will be forging the future
in order to make at least a little contribution to their growth on the way to their dreams.
Everyone in LDH is committed to social contribution activities.



Projects sponsored by LDH


– A Soccer Tournament Event for Elementary School Students Across Japan to Achieve their Dreams through Sports –

Starting in 2010 the EXILE CUP provides an opportunity for Elementary School Students Grade 4 – Grade 6 to hone their craft, participate in a soccer tournament and create lasting friendships and connections with peers. In 2013, the program joined the Japanese Soccer League and additional promotion led to an increase in participating teams.


– Utilizing Dance & Competition To Inspire Children Across Japan –

It is a dance contest that started in 2014. We are making efforts to create a place for children to show their talents and build a future full of smiles for them. We support children all over the country who have a dream and work hard on dancing.

LDH Assistance Project

Dream Extracurricular LectureDream Extracurricular Lecture

other LDH JAPAN artists
holding dance classes as teachers

"Dream Extracurricular Lecture", presented by THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY CLUB, is a project where people from various professional fields visit elementary schools and junior high schools as guest teachers. The visiting teachers talk to the students and interact with them as they create something together. LDH JAPAN wholeheartedly supports this idea and has been actively participating in this project since 2006.

Ocean’s LoveOcean’s Love

– Surfing and Activity Program for Disabled Children –Organizer: Non-Profit Corporation Ocean's Love

Starting in 2015, the goal of OCEAN’s LOVE is to provide a place of life learning and entertainment through surfing for disabled children. Embracing our love of the ocean, the natural beauty of the sea, and the pure energy felt while surfing OCEAN’s LOVE hopes that disabled children are able to find contentment and happiness.

Collaborations with enterprises and local governments

Collaboration with Dai-ichi LifeCollaboration with

Dai-ichi Life

The signing of "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement" on social contribution activities.

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company and LDH JAPAN signed the "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement" on social contribution activities on September 13, 2017. Their collaboration includes the revitalization and development of local communities, support of upbringing of children who will be responsible for the next generation and child care support, sports promotion, etc.





Believe in the power of dream! Challenge your dream!


"A social contribution that can be made only through entertainment."

There are various ways to make contributions to the society. LDH chose the theme "Dreams For Children" and everyone from LDH including artists, talents and staff is taking part in social contribution activities.

EXILE exists now because of the power of dream. Up till now, we have seen numerous youngsters challenge and realize their dreams.

During the pursuit of dreams, one can discover possibilities hidden in himself. As long as you try your best to pursuit a dream, even if you fail in the end, you will find other different dreams waiting for you. We have had that kind of experience as well.

Most importantly, never give up when you meet difficulties. What you should do is to keep chasing the dreams with all your might. Our ideas will be realized in various forms and people will grow up gradually. That is why we strongly hope children to believe in the power of dream and challenge their dreams.

We want to show how important it is to have a dream to the children who will shoulder the future of Japan and even the world and to give them support in challenging their dreams. We will provide them with opportunities to find their own dreams and places to challenge them.

LDH believe in the power of entertainment. We hope to make more contributions to the society in the fields we are good at. LDH will keep on carrying out activities based on these ideas.

Inspire JapanEastern Japan Post-earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Event

EXILE members all keep the theme of "Inspire Japan" in mind firmly. So they conduct various activities through music, performance and entertainment in order to cheer Japan up and make more people smile. We hope the disaster areas can get revival earlier and all the sufferers can smile again. Besides that, we hope people can treasure their life and continue to live happily and bravely…

  • The Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance Charity SongEXILE EXILE ATSUSHI

    EXILE / EXILE ATSUSHI new single "Rising Sun / ITSUKA KITTO…"  Release Date: September 14th 2011

    We made the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake Reconstruction Assistance song "Rising Sun / ITSUKA KITTO…" All the artist and LDH royalties generated from the package commodities of EXILE's "Rising Sun" and EXILE ATSUSHI's "ITSUKA KITTO…" were donated to Japanese Red Cross Society.

  • EXILE Charity MisangaEXILE

    We made misangas filled with our wishes "for the children's future," especially to the orphans of the Great Eastern Japan Earthquake (The sales ended on the last day of December 2011). LDH inc. donated all of the profit from the sales of this product to the non-profit organization ASHINAGA.

Notice on handling "LDH's donation for the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquakes"

From April 23, 2016 (Sat.) to May 31, 2016 (Tue.), apart from live show venues of LDH JAPAN artists and EXILE TRIBE STATION, we also raised money at LDH owned shops. Altogether, we raised 1,224,726 yen and donated it to Kumamoto Prefecture "2016 Kumamoto Japan Earthquake Relief Fund".

Information about "LDH fundraising"

Fund raised by LDH from August 1, 2018 has been donated to the Japanese Red Cross Society. Click here for details

Other Social Community & Welfare Programs

  • Community Clean Up Programs By Employees Near LDH Offices
  • “ONE WISH” is a special program for the Haiti relief fund which receives funding from special taxes on single sales.
  • Collecting plastic bottle caps
  • “EXILE SOUL” works to give back to charity and generate income by donating previous EXILE stage costumes to auction. All proceeds from the auctions are donated to charity.
  • LDH supported the stockpiling and compiling of goods for disaster relief.
  • Distributing food for victims at disaster-affected areas
  • EXILE members visiting the emergency shelters and offered their condolences.