Collaboration with Dai-ichi Life

Collaboration with Dai-ichi Life

Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company and LDH JAPAN signed the "Comprehensive Partnership Agreement" on social contribution activities on September 13, 2017. Their collaboration includes the revitalization and development of local communities, support of upbringing of children who will be responsible for the next generation and child care support, sports promotion, etc.


Main content of the collaborations


Child rearing and child care support

・"Dance Class" held jointly by the two enterprises.
・Donating picture books to nursery schools affiliated to Dai-ichi Life.


Health promotion

・Popularization of dance exercises and launch of campaigns to raise public awareness of health promotion for local communities, etc.


Sports promotion

・Projects sponsored by LDH (EXILE CUP, DANCE CUP, etc.)
・Project supporting marathon for citizens "Run with You" sponsored by Dai-ichi Life etc.
The two enterprises will work closely together to facilitate the progress of these projects.


Other collaborations concerning
revitalization of local communities

・Joint support to areas affected by natural disasters.
・Examination and implementation of the social contribution activities that will revitalize local communities.


Project supporting national marathon for citizens "Run with You" by Dai-ichi Life

E-girls served as the supporters of the "Run with you" project initiated by Dai-ichi Life supporting marathons held throughout the country.
The song "Run with You" has been produced as the cheer song for the runners and it is currently on air as the commercial song.
Moreover, E-girls' Harumi Sato, Kaede and Anna Suda appeared at the runner support event "Nagoya Women's Marathon", "Nagoya City Marathon" and Marathon EXPO which started and finished at Nagoya Dome on 3/10. They held a talk show and visited the booth of Dai-ichi Life.

Dance class for parents and children

LDH carries out social contribution activities under the theme of "Dreams For Children" while Dai-ichi Life focuses its social contribution activities on the themes like "health promotion" and "building an affluent next-generation society". Since March 2018 the two enterprises have been offering "Dance classes for parents and children", hoping that parents and children communicate more and enjoy the fun of dancing.

Cities offering "Dance classes for parents and children"
 - 3/10 Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture
 - 3/13 Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture
 - 3/13 Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture
 - 3/13 Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Prefecture
 - 3/21 Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture
 - 3/24 Fujisawa City, Kanagawa Prefecture
We will continue offering "Dance classes for parents and children" in cities around Japan in the future.

Donation of picture book
"DANCE EARTH" to nursery schools

A donation event was held to donate the picture book "DANCE EARTH" created by EXILE ÜSA at Pinoh Kindergarten Nogata Nursery School (Nakano-ku, Tokyo) where Dai-ichi Life is supporting the opening of nurseries at owned property and encouraging the admission of children in order to eliminate the number of children who are waiting for entering a nursery.

On that day, they read stories from the picture book created by EXILE ÜSA and did EX dance exercises.
EXILE ÜSA did the exercises with the children and had a wonderful time.
We will continue donating picture books in the future.