Dream Extracurricular Lecture

~夢の課外授業~ 計画 SINCE 2000 LDH DREAM FOR CHILDREN 子どもたちに、夢を。

"Dream Extracurricular Lecture" is a project presented by THE TWENTY FIRST CENTURY CLUB.
It invites people who are active in various fields to elementary schools and middle schools as guest teachers. The visiting teachers talk with the students and interact with them as they create something together.
LDH strongly approves of the idea and has been participating in this project since 2006.
In the future, EXILE and other LDH JAPAN artists will also actively participate in this project
and let children know the importance of having dreams.


"Dream Extracurricular Lecture" aims to create an opportunity for students from elementary schools and middle schools to set a clear goal for themselves.
Apart from visiting schools and holding dance lessons,
LDH JAPAN artists also participates in many other activities such as Paralympics games.
Moreover, after the Great East Japan Earthquake
we launched "Rising Sun Project for middle school students".
Our artists hold "Rising Sun" dance lessons and present performances with children of Tohoku region.


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    Members' appearance

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    Performance introduction

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    Dance lessons

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    Joint shows

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    "Dream" Q&A corner

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    Commemorative photos


The Head of Social Contribution Department of LDH JAPAN Inc.
The comprehensive producer of "Dream Extracurricular Lecture"
Koji Ichiki

I hope this project can help children to find their dreams and desire to challenge them.
That is the goal of "Dream Extracurricular Lecture".
This project was initiated in 2000 and will welcome its 17th anniversary this year.
Today's children are the pillars for the future of Japan.
It is the duty of us adults to raise them.
I believe that they will become the sourse of energy for Japan, so I will keep on carrying out these activities.