2018.3.11We will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Seven years has passed since that day.
We want to express our deepest sympathies to everyone who was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake.

We want to express our respect to everyone who is still working hard to rebuild the disaster-affected areas.
We pray from the bottom of our hearts that the environment will be recovered so that people can live a peaceful and comfortable life as soon as possible.

Since the Great East Japan Earthquake, with "Inspire Japan" as its theme, LDH has been working hard on making more people smile through entertainment.

In northeast Japan, we offer dance classes for children through Dream Extracurricular Lecture. Starting from the comprehensive entertainment school "EXPG STUDIO BY LDH" that we opened last year in Sendai, we hope to deliver more energy to people in northeast Japan.

In order to create a future full of dreams with all of you,
LDH JAPAN and 15 group companies will work closely together and believe in the power of entertainment while sticking to the concept of "Love, Dream, Happiness".
We will never forget the Great East Japan Earthquake
and continue to work on entertainment with all our might.

March 11, 2018