2018.4.10Ocean's Love's surfing school starts to recruit volunteers and enroll new students in 2018!

Non-Profit Corporation Ocean's Love which is supported by LDH JAPAN
starts to recruit volunteers and enroll new students of its surfing school in 2018.

For more details, please visit the official website of Non-Profit Corporation Ocean's Love.

【Ocean's Love】
Led by Angela Maki Vernon, the Non-Profit Corporation Ocean's Love is a volunteer-based surfing school dedicated to children with intellectual and physical disabilities. The activities started in 2005 with the aim of helping children with disabilities to love the sea and discover its wonders and energy as well as warming their hearts. The activities, which started out on the Chigasaki coast, have now spread across the entire country.
LDH JAPAN also shares this idea and has been supporting these activities since 2010.