2018.5.10【Event Report】Ocean Course held by Ocean's Love started!

Each year, before the opening of surfing school in June, an "Ocean Course" is held for volunteers.
On May 6 (Sun.), the last day of the holidays, a course was held at Chigasaki Park!

On that day, 40 people including 18 people who attended this course for the first time gathered together.
They had lessons like those in the surfing school, learned the features of students attending this surfing school and how to get along with them as well as took part in a disaster drill.
This course was in a form close to that of the volunteer-based surfing school.

In common surfing schools, team leaders, assistants for water activities, assistants for activities on the shore, kid helpers and students
form a team and spend the day together.
In this course, participants tried different roles in sequence.
After having such a valuable experience and learning skills these roles require, those participants can attend activities of the surfing school with confidence as new volunteers.

Lecture: Schedule of the school & Instruction on the features of students of the surfing school and how to get along with them


Simulation of surfing school

The summer surfing school will open in June!

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