Each group's individual fan club services allow members to enjoy a variety of member-only contents, such as advance ticket applications and bonus contents for membership registrations. There are also rich contents such as events limited to fan club members in order to communicate more closely and deeply with fans who support each group.

In the DEEP SQUAD Official Fan Club "DEEP LINK" there are a lot of bonuses such as advance ticket lottery for live shows, issuance of membership card and original presents for membership registration! Take this chance and become a member of fan club. Let's support DEEP SQUAD together!!

In the DOBERMAN INFINITY Official Fan Club "We are D.I" there are a lot of bonuses such as advance ticket lottery for live shows, exclusive contents for members and issuance of membership card designed by SWAY. Here you can also find contents available only for fan club members!

Girls² and Lucky² Official Mobile Fan Club "GL² family" Diary that the members update in turns every day, "G Tube" that contains behind-the-scenes videos of the members' activities, "magical telephone" where you can have a phone call (?!) with the members and video-radio program "Garuraji ~GL² family RADIO~" where the members serve as the planners and MCs...
There are lots of special projects and contents that can only be enjoyed in "GL² family"!
Be sure to check it out!

Taichi Saotome's official fan club provides various contents, including the original bonus for new membership registration, photos limited to members, live streams and advanced applications for tickets to shows.
We are looking forward to your membership registration.

MIYAVI's official fan club “Under The Same Sky” members can apply for advance ticket lottery for live shows and enjoy exclusive web contents such as blogs and member-limited videos!
What's more, there will be fantastic projects that "connect" MIYAVI who always tours around the world to fans, such as collecting the name of the fan club from fan club members and holding meet & greet events!
We sincerely hope that you can join MIYAVI's fan club.