【Important Request】A notice to people who support LDH artists and talents

Thank you very much for your enthusiastic support all along!

Recently, LDH has received many complaints and inquiries concerning cheering rules and manners at live shows and event venues. Here, we want all people who support LDH artists and talents to confirm cheering rules and manners again. We would appreciate your cooperation.

【The action of cheering】
We prohibit acts that hinder customers' viewing, acts that could hurt customers around you and acts that may hinder the live performance or the event operation, etc.

【Handmade cheering items】
LDH does not prohibit bringing handmade cheering items to the venue. However, it is prohibited to hold cheering items higher than your chest or bring large-sized items that may cause trouble to other people. Apart from causing inconvenience to other viewers, these acts may even lead to injuries.

【Recording, taking photos and filming】
Taking photos and filming videos are not only prohibited during live shows or events, but also banned before and after the show when artists and performers are not present.

【Posts on social media】
Recording, taking photos and filming are prohibited and uploading these contents to social media sites will be regarded as infringement of copyright. So such actions are strictly prohibited.

【Waiting for the artists】
Waiting for the artists in the public places will cause trouble to people living in the vicinity of concert venues and people using train stations, airports and other public facilities. If the situation persists, it will be difficult for us to use venues and we may not be able to hold live shows because of that, so please refrain from such actions.

Moreover, waiting for the artists at locations near LDH Headquarters or stores run by LDH and posting news of encountering artists on social media will incline people to gather together and cause trouble to people living nearby, ordinary citizens and people who obey the rules and manners. Moreover, it may lead to injuries and troubles, so we kindly remind you that such acts are strictly prohibited.

We are very happy and grateful that you support LDH artists so enthusiastically.

However, while a lot of people follow the rules and manners, some people cause troubles and worries by their individual acts, which deeply affects not only LDH staff but also our artists and talents.

Please continue to support LDH artists as always!