【Important Request】 Regarding the prohibition of video recording, photographing and audio recording "LIVE×ONLINE"

Thank you for your constant warm support.

Recently, we found exchanges and sales of videos and audios of LDH's "LIVE×ONLINE" online streams on social media, and have issued warnings about that.

It is a known fact that LDH prohibits all types of recording on the concerts and events. We also prohibit video recording, photographing and audio recording of "LIVE×ONLINE" and other online concerts.
It is also prohibited to post, exchange or sell recorded videos and audios as well as taken photos on social media.
Such actions are unfair to people who follow the rules. They also violate the copyright law and other laws, which may result in compensation for damages and criminal penalties.

LDH asks everyone to obey the rules so that more people can enjoy the concerts. We are currently conducting investigations and warning people who violate these rules.
Please note that we may demand compensation for damages if the violation is malicious or if the violator does not take immediate actions.

Furthermore, please refrain from watching the videos which only ticket purchasers are allowed to watch. Thank you for your cooperation.

We hope that all supporters of LDH's entertainment check out the rules once again and have a pleasant and enjoyable time. We kindly asked for your cooperation in the future.