Beware of fake social media accounts mimicking official accounts!!

It has been found out that there are fake Instagram accounts (spoof accounts) which mimic CL official account.
CL official Instagram account is【cl_official_acc】. Please check it again.

Some users receive direct messages (DM) about winning from fake accounts which lure them to fill in personal information and make payments on the designated website or application. Please delete the suspicious DM as soon as possible if you receive them and block the account to prevent the economical loss.

Social media accounts of LDH's artists & talents as well as projects are published in 【LDH OFFICIAL SNS】on LDH's official site. As for accounts not mentioned there, LDH does not recognize them and has nothing to do with them.
*A fake account may feature slightly changed underlines and alphabetic characters or clearly state "official" in it, which makes it difficult to distinguish.

In addition, we have reported the fake accounts to Instagram, but there may be other fake accounts for different accounts. Please be careful.