Live entertainment made in Japan
that integrates creative ideas from all over the world.
It will bring you an extraordinary experience of excitement and passion.


    will raise its curtain in September!!

    To make that wish come true,
    the stars will shine brightly again.

    EXILE's first dome tour in 3 years
    will raise its curtain in September.

    Through each member's solo activities during the past three years,
    they have gained more power.

    When the stars of the fifteen members assemble,
    the shine beyond imagination will be unleashed.

    Coming soon

  • DOBERMAN INFINITY will hold a nationwide tour in 2018!
    This year is the Year of the Dog, which comes every 12 years!!
    D.I will make 2018 a "DOGG YEAR" and tour around Japan.

    Be sure to come and enjoy this live tour brought by the D.I members who keep on moving at full speed!!

  • No matter how deep the darkness is,
    you will find a light as long as you have a strong will.


    The light shines brighter when there is a wish.

    The answers obtained by encountering talented people
    around the world are here.

  • The moon is finally full tonight.
    The dazzling moonlight will shine on you.

    FULL MOON... The time when moon awakens...

    The compilation of his solo activities will be presented to you here.
    The moonlight will lead you to the world of "FULL MOON".


  • The 6th announcement about D.Island 2018 has been made!!!

    Artists of the final show have been finalized!!
    JAY'ED, UNIONE and MABU who will appear in the opening act will participate!!
    They will bring fantastic performances to boost D.Island 2018!!
    There will also be many special venue-limited projects!!

    D.Island 2018 is coming soon!!
    We will bring you amazing performances in a wonderful location,
    the special stage at Kokubo Park, on September 23 (Sun. & Holiday)!!
    Be sure to come!!