Live entertainment made in Japan
that integrates creative ideas from all over the world.
It will bring you an extraordinary experience of excitement and passion.

    EXILE, who has always prayed for Japan and everyone's future,
    will launch a new tour this summer
    based on the idea "Overcome this era with EXILE!"
    to show "the power of wishes"!!
    In 2022,
    to deliver "the power of wishes" to everyone
    and to make the wishes of fans come true,
    will also participate in this tour!
    Fans and "15-member EXILE"
    wish to unite as one...
    Don't miss out on
    EXILE that you can only seen now
    in 2022!!
    A new legend will be written.

  • Here we are!!

    will be held!!
    have never stopped evolving since their debut 5 years ago.
    They will rampage as 16 "rays of light"
    that cannot be blocked out by anything!!

  • Clashing with each other and enhancing each other to become even stronger.
    A battle to reach the top of entertainment with pride at stake.
    To survive in this world and open up a new era...
    Here comes another fierce battle with pride at stake!
    Who will survive in the end...
    Don't miss it.

  • Additional shows of RYUJI IMAICHI CONCEPT LIVE 2022 "RILY'S NIGHT"
    will be held soon!!
    In response to the warm support from all of you, long-awaited additional shows have been finalized!
    Ryuji Imaichi will bring the finest music and fulfilling and special time unique to premium concerts
    to everyone all over the country.
    Please feel Ryuji Imaichi's thoughts with the sense of distance unique to the hall!!
    We look forward to your coming!!

  • In 2021,
    FANTASTICS continued their journey around Japan.
    In 2022,
    they will take another step to make a new leap forward!!
    FANTASTICS LIVE TOUR 2022 "FAN FAN HOP" to be held!!
    Versatile FANTASTICS
    will bring their ever-evolving entertainment
    to their fans around Japan!!
    So, everyone!!
    Let's enjoy FANTASTICS's performance together!!

  • "The truth people firmly believe may not be true."
    This is a story about Galileo, known as the "father of astronomy", and the young mathematician Kepler.
    Two scholars who started to study "Heliocentrism", regarded as a taboo, in the 17th century and nun Maria,
    Galileo's daughter, spoke for the turmoil of the times while risking to do research in support of Heliocentrism.
    Based on historical figures and true stories, it is a new work that incorporates the scriptwriter's imaginations.

  • Dream Shizuka
    ~Dream 20th Anniversary~ at Billboard Live
    will be held!

  • Lucky² will hold their 1st live tour
    "Lucky² First Live Tour - Brand New World! -"!
    A total of 5 shows will be held
    in Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka
    with the implementation of the measures against COVID-19.
    These performances will be packed with the entertainment
    brought by pure and lovely Lucky² members!
    Please look forward to exciting stage performances by these Cinderella girls♪

    *The performances in this tour will be brought by the 6 members due to the conflicts in schedules.

  • After going through time and space It is time to head for that city.
    A fierce battle has lasted since 2019...
    The stage is "Super Tokyo".
    live shows to be held!!
    4 days in Saitama Super Arena!!
    7/21 (Thu.), 7/22 (Fri.) , 7/23 (Sat.) & 7/24 (Sun.)
    Jr.EXILE Super Tokyo Summer Festival will last for over 3 hours!!
    What's more!! 4 nights in a row!! Special battle corners will also be opened!!
    Special Battle Corner 1
    7/21(Thu.) BATTLE OF HiGH & LOW
    Special Battle Corner 2
    7/22(Fri.) BATTLE OF KINGDOM
    Special Battle Corner 3
    7/23(Sat.) BATTLE OF iCON Z
    Special Battle Corner 4
    7/24(Sun.) BATTLE OF SUMMER
    Super Tokyo is beyond your imagination.
    Don't miss out on
    the wonderful battles that take place at a close distance!!
    Something happens

  • The latest work of the wide-acclaimed REAL RPG STAGE "ETERNAL"
    which was put on stage in September 2021
    will raise its curtain in July 2022.
    Apart from RIKU, Makoto Hasegawa, Takahide Suzuki, Zin, Shogo Iwaya and Itsuki Fujiwara
    from "THE RAMPAGE" who appeared in the previous work,
    Shogo Yamamoto, Shohei Urakawa, Kaisei Takechi, Ryu and Takuma Goto will also be featured in the latest work!!
    In this work, you can also find Yu Fukuzawa who played young Simba in "The Lion King" (Shiki Theatre),
    acted as Kazuya Hiramaru in "Bakuman" THE STAGE,
    and will appear in ENGEKI DRAFT GRANDPRIX.
    The work consists of two parts: stage play and concert.
    In the part of the stage play,
    you can enjoy a wonderful stage play based on "ETERNAL".
    While in the concert part,
    there will be an original special concert
    presented by THE RAMPAGE!
    Look forward to it!!

    DOBERMAN INFINITY will hold a tour with their 4th album "LOST+FOUND"!
    After about 4 years and 3 months,
    they present unprecedented contents since their formation and
    wonderful new songs which show their ideas about heading for a new stage.
    They will bring the best concert with everything they have to people around Japan!

  • "rei Billboard Live 2022 the f'rei'vor" will be held!
    It will be held at Billboard Live OSAKA on 8/22 (Mon.) and Billboard Live TOKYO on 9/2 (Fri.)!
    Apart from songs in her 1st album "Just Wanna Sing",
    cover songs popular on 【rei Official YouTube Channel】 and previous hit songs will be performed in a band style!
    Tickets will be sold in advance on rei's official fan club "freivor" from 18:00 on 6/20 (Mon.)!
    Please look forward to this special night in summer!!

  • ELLY / CrazyBoy from J SOUL BROTHERS III
    will hold
    a new summer live show festival
    "NEOTOKYO presents ~SUMMER ISLAND 2022~"!!
    In part 1 in 2022,
    CrazyBoy will appear as a solo artist
    and invite EXILE SHOKICHI to come back as KING & KING!
    CrazyBoy's friends will also appear as special guests!
    In 2020, KING & KING's live shows were canceled under the influence of COVID-19.
    KING of the two people who are more awesome after two years will make this hot summer more exciting!