Live entertainment made in Japan
that integrates creative ideas from all over the world.
It will bring you an extraordinary experience of excitement and passion.

  • The dates of the make-up shows for the postponed shows of
    EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2021 "Heart to Heart" in Shizuoka, Toyama and Ishikawa
    and the additional locations for shows to be held in 2021 have been announced!
    To express the gratitude to fans around Japan,
    ATSUSHI will tour around 47 prefectures.
    He wants to achieve this no matter how many years it may take.
    He connects with everyone who supports him "heart" to "heart".
    We should cherish the bonds connecting our hearts especially during the times like this...
    Heart to Heart
    I will definitely go to meet all of you,
    so I am looking forward to seeing you in your hometown.

  • Additional shows will be held for the second time!!
    "GEKIDAN EXILE's show 'JAM -The Recital-'"
    The stage play that started in Miyagi in October 2021 is finally coming to an end!
    Be sure to come to the venues
    and enjoy the greatest performances of the GEKIDAN EXILE members
    that can only be seen in JAM -The Recital-!
    -Have a wonderful time with us tonight-

  • Additional shows of FANTASTICS LIVE TOUR 2021 "FANTASTIC VOYAGE"
    ~WAY TO THE GLORY~ will be held!!
    Additional shows will be held
    to respond to your passionate support!
    Let's continue a voyage with FANTASTICS!

  • Have you ever seen an angel?
    An angel who exists in the imagination.
    The birth of a historic artist and his artistic work.
    A two-people musical that was popular in South Korea
    will be performed by Japanese cast members and put on stage!!
    Luca, a new angel, and Valentino, a fallen angel, come to Leonardo da Vinci who is struggling to create works.
    Giacomo who is an assistant to support da Vinci is also there.
    This is a story that traces the secret behind the birth of that historical artistic work left by Leonardo da Vinci through the turbulence caused by two angels and two people.
    The musical has 23 songs, covering a wide range of genres from rock to opera and arias. A story unfolds with magnificent music beyond your imagination.

    The new EXILE's tour
    scheduled to be held
    in 2021
    has been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
    In 2022,
    the new EXILE will restart
    their postponed activities.
    Full of passion and enthusiasm,
    the 14-member EXILE
    will bring you the best entertainment of EXILE
    filled with Love, Dream & Happiness
    with "EXILE's spirits" and "songs"!
    will finally come!!

  • ØMI LIVE TOUR 2022 "ANSWER..." will be held soon!!
    ØMI will hold his solo arena tour after 2 years since the last one with his new album "ANSWER..." to be released on February 2!!
    ØMI givens "ANSWER" in the story to the question in the last album "Who Are You?".
    "ANSWER" that shows his real side will be revealed in this album and his tour.
    Various bonuses including tickets to fan meeting & rehearsal viewing will be presented to you in this tour!!
    Please enjoy the worldview by ØMI!!

  • 1st independent tour
    "DEEP SQUAD LIVE TOUR 2022 'D'PARTURE' ~Episode 0~" will be held
    with their 1st album "D'PARTURE"!!
    From COLOR to DEEP...
    Inheriting the spirit of these two groups, the 6 members of DEEP SQUAD, who stepped on a new path, will make the venue vibrate with their wonderful chorus!
    They take a new step as DEEP SQUAD! Don't miss this moment!!