Live entertainment made in Japan
that integrates creative ideas from all over the world.
It will bring you an extraordinary experience of excitement and passion.

  • EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2021 "Heart to Heart" to be held!!
    In the year of 2021,
    EXILE ATSUSHI celebrates his 20th debut anniversary.
    "I want go and express my gratitude to fans around Japan!!"
    To make this wish come true, ATSUSHI will tour around 47 prefectures.
    He wants to achieve this no matter how many years it may take.
    He connects with everyone who supports him "heart" to "heart".
    We should cherish the bonds connecting our hearts especially during the times like this...
    Heart to Heart
    I will definitely go to meet all of you,
    so I am looking forward to seeing you in your hometown.

  • rei "the first" Billboard LIVE 2021 to be held!

  • To celebrate the release of the new album "Up & Down"
    Special national event
    to be held!!
    To help you familiarize with the new album,
    GENERATIONS will go and bring it directly to you!!

  • It is the first time for 【Ayame Goriki】 and 【Dream Ami】 to appear in a musical!
    They will co-star in this work, and each of them will try to play two roles!!
    Born in South Korea, the musical "ChaMe"
    has become a hot topic for its memorable melodies and novel story.
    It has gained a great support from viewers and critics and shown with all tickets sold out.
    This new musical, that became a hot topic, will be performed by Japanese actors and actresses in September 2021!!
    The musical "@Cha_Me" depicts our reality of living in a world where social media is indispensable.
    It conveys the message to "Treasure Yourself" to
    modern people who are tired of comparing themselves with others in fierce competition.

  • MIYAVI will hold a North America tour in the autumn of 2021!!
    MIYAVI held 8 worldwide tours
    and 350 concerts in about 30 countries so far.
    He will launch his new live tour in Calgary, Canada on 9/30 and bring it to 19 cities of North America.
    This is his first overseas tour since the last one which was held in 2019.
    He will perform songs from the album "Holy Nights", which was released last April, in North America for the first time!

  • Girls² first live tour "Girls² First Live Tour -Enjoy The Good Days-"
    to be held!!
    The shows of "Girls² LIVE TOUR 2020 ~Chuwapane!~" were scheduled to be held last year.
    After about a year and a half after the cancelation, the live tour, that was one of the members' dreams, will finally be held!
    Turning the support from fans via the online concerts and events into their power, they will deliver the most fabulous performances!
    "Enjoy The Good Days" together with Girls²!

    "PASS THE MIC" ~WAY TO THE GLORY~ will be held!!
    "From prologue to this chapter"
    Please enjoy BALLISTIK BOYZ's performances which have evolved with new content!!

  • Movie "jam" released in 2018
    ABEMA's original drama "JAM -the drama-" broadcast in 2021
    And now, GEKIDAN EXILE's show "JAM -The Recital-"
    to be presented in October 2021!!
    GEKIDAN EXILE will try to show various sides while keeping the worldview of the drama!
    Enjoy the hybrid entertainment show
    the members will try to present!
    Anyone can shine! It is life-changing entertainment!
    Be sure to enjoy it!

    ~WAY TO THE GLORY~ to be held!!
    They will bring their latest album "FANTASTIC VOYAGE"
    and present the entertainment that will rock the whole Japan.
    "From the introductory chapter to this chapter"
    Look forward to the improved performances of FANTASTICS!

  • Additional shows of THE RAMPAGE LIVE TOUR 2021 "REBOOT"
    to be held!!
    With "Raising the spirit of Japan" as the theme, they will again go on the "rampage"!!

    Additional shows of LIVE TOUR "THIS IS JSB",
    which J SOUL BROTHERS III have been holding since July
    to mark their 10th debut anniversary, have been finalized!!
    They are finally heading for the FINAL SEASON!!
    Moreover, they will also hold a show on Christmas Day,
    so look forward to spending time
    with J SOUL BROTHERS III this year as well!
    Also look forward to the activities of J SOUL BROTHERS III
    who continue to gain momentum and
    will release the BEST ALBUM "BEST BROTHERS"
    and the NEW ALBUM "THIS IS JSB"
    on November 10!

  • DEEP SQUAD Billboard Live 2021“Christmas Present”
    will be held soon!
    It will be held at Billboard Live YOKOHAMA on 12/20 (Mon.) and at Billboard Live OSAKA on 12/22 (Wed.)!!
    Please enjoy the chorus by the 6 members!