He choreographed dances and performed as a backup dancer for many famous Japanese and foreign artists and he is famous for his physical ability and excellent dance skills. In 2010, he joined J SOUL BROTHERS III as a performer and made his debut.
In 2015, he played his first lead role in the movie "TRASH".
He choreographed dances for J SOUL BROTHERS III and many other artists, giving full play to his creativity.
In February 2017, he released "NEOTOKYO EP" as a hip hop artist under the name of CRAZYBOY. This song ranked the first on the weekly charts of 4 main music distribution websites including iTunes and RecoChoku. Moreover, his collaboration with famous artists also became a hot topic.
"NEOTOKYO Ⅱ EP" released in July of the same year ranked No.1 on "Album Weekly Chart" of both iTunes and mu-mo. It became another work after his debut work "NEOTOKYO EP" to take the first place on the two charts.
He keeps making progress in music by not only rapping, but also applying Auto-Tune to his songs. Moreover, in recent years, he made guest appearances in works of producer and DJ "Shinichi Osawa", a leading figure of Hip Hop scene "ANARCHY" and Dancehall Reggae group "Mighty Crown" which is the pride of Japan. Earning trust of top artists who represent various genres showed his real ability as Hip Hop artist "CRAZYBOY".
In 2018, he participated in the collaboration song of Hip Hop legend Snoop Dogg and the creative group PKCZ® (VERBAL / DJ MAKIDAI / DJ DARUMA) called "BOW DOWN FT. CRAZYBOY from EXILE TRIBE".
This song was released 2 months after PKCZ® signed a contract with the famous Dutch dance music label "Spinnin' Records / Trap City" and caught attention from the whole world.
In July he held his first solo live show "CRAZYBOY presents NEOTOKYO ~THE PRIVATE PARTY 2018~" in support of his best hits album "NEOTOKYO FOREVER" (released on July 4, 2018).
In 2019, he participated in the esports competition "Fortnite World Cup", and in February 2020 he ranked 8th in "Australian Open Featuring Fortnite PROAM".
He regularly appears on ANIMAX "e-elements GAMING HOUSE SQUAD" from November 2020.
Apart from his accomplishments as a performer, he has also made achievements as an actor, a choreographer as well as a hip hop artist. He is very active now as a talented entertainer in various fields.



NTV drama "HiGH & LOW ~THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D.~" (October to December 2015: as ICE)
Episode 7 of NTV's drama "Rokudenashi BLUES" (August 2011) Guest appearance


"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 3 FINAL MISSION" (Released on November 11, 2017: as ICE)
"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 2 END OF SKY" (Released on August 19, 2017: as ICE)
"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" (July 2016: as ICE)
"TRASH" (October 2015: as Kento Hondo) First lead role
"CROWS EXPLODE" (April 2014: as Kohei Yamashita)


GEKIDAN EXILE Hanagumi × Kazegumi "Rokudenashi BLUES" (December 2010)
GEKIDAN EXILE's 4th show "DANCE EARTH ~Negai~" (May 2010)


ANIMAX "e-elements GAMING HOUSE SQUAD" (November 2020~)


Fm yokohama "Keep On Dreaming" (2011~2013)

Digital releases (as CRAZYBOY)

"NEOTOKYO IV EP" (April 2018)
"NEOTOKYO Ⅲ EP" (January 2018)
"NEOTOKYO Ⅱ EP" (July 2017)
"NEOTOKYO EP" (February 2017)


PKCZ®×Snoop Dogg×Yultron "BOW DOWN FT. CRAZYBOY from EXILE TRIBE" (February 2018)
EXILE SHOKICHI "Anytime feat. CRAZYBOY" (July 2015) *Under the name CRAZYBOY
DOBERMAN INFINITY "Heartbeat" (July 2015)


Australian Open Featuring Fortnite PROAM (February 2020 / Rank 8th)
Fortnite World Cup NY Pro-Am (August 2019 / Rank 27th)
The Fortnite Pro-Am 2019 (June 2019)
J Soul Brothers III feature-length documentary movie "SEVEN/7" (Released in May 2018)
J Soul Brothers III Documentary "Born in the EXILE" (February 2016)


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