In November 2012, he made his major debut as a performer of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE.
In April 2014, he was chosen as a new performer of EXILE and joined the group.
He carries out activities as both the leader of GENERATIONS and a member of EXILE/PKCZ®.
Moreover, as an actor, he has appeared in the dramas "The King of Novels" ('19), "M -beloved one-" ('20), "We are medical Interns" ('21), "Cinderellas of Midsummer" ('23), and in the movies "Daytime Shooting Star" ('17), "THE CONFIDENCE MAN JP - EPISODE OF THE PRINCESS -" ('20) and "One in a Hundred Thousand" ('20).
In February 2023, he was appointed as the Philippines Tourism Ambassador in order to serve as a "bridge" between his origin, the Philippines, and Japan.
In April, he released the digital single "Facts" from the Dutch music record label "STMPD RCRDS" and marked his solo debut overseas.
On December 8 of the same year, he released the digital EP "null" under the name of ALAN SHIRAHAMA, marking his solo debut in Japan.
Besides releasing songs on digital music services for 12 consecutive months from January 2024, he is holding "ASIA TOUR 'null' 2024".
In recent years, he has been extending his activities to other fields such as producing music and providing songs for various artists.



Digital release on 03.29.2024Digital Single「Nakameguro Step」/ ALAN SHIRAHAMA
Digital release on 01.12.2024Digital Single「HUMANITY FIGHT」 / ALAN SHIRAHAMA
Digital release on 12.04.2023EP「null」 / ALAN SHIRAHAMA
Digital release on 04.01.2022The first solo digital single released overseas "Facts" (Dutch music label "STMPD RCRDS")


2024Fuji TV "Marriage Hunter" guest appearance in episode 1 / as Hato Otoko (Broadcast on 1/17)
2023Fuji TV "Cinderellas of Midsummer" as Mamoru Yamauchi (Broadcast from July to September)
2021TV Asahi "We are medical Interns" Lead Role / as Ryuji Ameno (Broadcast from April to June)
2020TV Asahi "M -beloved one-" as Sho Rukawa (Broadcast from April)
2019NTV "Kizoku Tanjou -PRINCE OF LEGEND-" Lead Role / as Shintaro Ando (Broadcast from November to December)
2019Fuji TV "The King of Novels" Lead Role / as Toyotaka Yoshida (Broadcast from April to July)
2018Web drama "HAPPY-GO-LUCKY!" Lead Role / as Takuya (Available on Yahoo! JAPAN / GYAO! from 11/30)
2016NTV "HiGH & LOW -Season 2-" as Bernie (Broadcast from April to June)
2015NTV "HiGH & LOW THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D." as Bernie (Broadcast from October to December)
2014TBS "Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru♪" Lead Role / as Yuan Ichinose (Broadcast from July to September)
2013NOTTV "Bokura wa Minna Shindeiru♪" Lead Role / as Yuan Ichinose (Available from December to February 2014)
2013Kansai TV "GTO Kanketsuhen ~Saraba Onizuka! Sotsugyou Special~" as Seiya Dojima (Broadcast on 4/2)
2013Kansai TV "GTO Shougatsu Special! Fuyuyasumi mo Nekketsu Jugyou da" as Seiya Dojima (Broadcast on 1/2)
2012NTV "SUGARLESS" Lead Role / as Gaku Shiiba (Broadcast from October to December)
2012Kansai TV "GTO" as Seiya Dojima (Broadcast from July to September)
2011NTV "Rokudenashi BLUES" as Yoneji Sawamura (Broadcast from July to September)


2023"SANA" Lead Role / as Alan Shirahama (Released on 8/11)
2021Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project- "Ienai Futari" Lead role (Released on 11/26)
2020"One in a Hundred Thousand" Lead Role / as Ren Kiritani (Released on 11/5)
2020"THE CONFIDENCE MAN JP Princess Hen" as Andrew Fu (Released on 7/23)
2020"Kizoku Kourin -PRINCE OF LEGEND-" Lead Role / as Shintaro Ando (Released on 3/13)
2019Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project- "A.E.I.O.U." Lead Role / as Hikaru Azumi (Released on 6/22)
2017"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 3 / FINAL MISSION" as Bernie (Released on 11/11)
2017"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 2 / END OF SKY" as Bernie (Released on 8/19)
2017"Daytime Shooting Star" as Daiki Mamura (Released on 3/24)
2016"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" as Bernie (Released on 7/16)
2014"7DAYS REPORT" Lead Role / as Ryota (Released on 2/8)


2020Reading drama BOOK ACT "Hero Yo Yasuraka ni Nemure" (2/15 ~ 2/16 @ NIPPON SEINEN-KAN HALL / Scriptwriter & Director: Osamu Suzuki)
2011Reading drama "Moshimo Kimi ga. -Last Christmas" (12/21 ~ 12/25 @ Kinokuniya Hall / Director: Yukihito Tsutsumi)
2011Reading drama "Moshimo Kimi ga." (9/1 ~ 9/9 @ PARCO Theatre / Original & Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi)
2010GEKIDAN EXILE Hanagumi × Kazegumi joint show "Rokudenashi BLUES" (12/4 ~ 12/12 @ The Galaxy Theatre / Director: Isamu Kayano)
2010GEKIDAN EXILE Hanagumi's 3rd show "KILL THE BLACK" (6/3 ~ 6/27 @ Shinjuku THEATER MOLIERE / Scriptwriter & Director: Ryujiro Yamanaka)
2010GEKIDAN EXILE JUNCTION#1 "-Night Ballet-" (3/4 ~ 3/7 @ The Galaxy Theatre / Director: Shunichi Okamura)

TV Programs

2018Fuji TV "Mezamashi TV" monthly entertainment presenter in June
2014Fuji TV "Wao" regular appearance (April ~ September)


2019"Samantha Thavasa 25th"
2018Samantha Vega "Chance For New Love -Guzen kara Hajimaru Koi-"
2017"Samantha Vega × Daytime Shooting Star"
2017AOYAMA TAILOR "Freshers Lost and Found"
2016ROHTO Pharmaceutical "OXY PERFECT WASH"


2017First photo book "TIMBRE" (Released on 11/21, Tokuma Shoten)

Music Production

2024EXILE THE SECOND "Amoureuses" (music) (From "THE FAR EAST COWBOYZ E.P.")
2023GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE "NOW or NEVER" (lyrics & music) (From the album "X")
2022THE JET BOY BANGERZ "RAGING BULL" (music) (digital single)
2022Kumi Koda "Change my future" (music) (Theme song for movie "KAMEN RIDER GEATS×REVICE MOVIE Battle Royale")
2022BiSH "DATSU-KiSEiGAiNEN" (lyrics & music) (included in the single "DATSU-KiSEiGAiNEN")
2022"Facts" (music) (In collaboration with DJ Julian Jordan)
2022ALAN SHIRAHAMA Sampling Pokémon DP Sounds - on my way to Glory (Audio released on Pokémon DP Sound Library)
2022EXILE "DOWN TOWN TOKYO" (music) / "NEO UNIVERSE" (music) (From the album "PHOENIX")
2021GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE "to U" (lyrics & music) (From the single "Unchained World")
2021PKCZ® "Bon-Noh-Kai-Ho-Un-Do" (lyrics) (From the digital single "Bon-Noh-Kai-Ho-Un-Do")
2021FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE "Drive Me Crazy" (music) (From the album "FANTASTIC VOYAGE")
2021GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE "Love is?" (music) (From the album "Up & Down")
2020GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE "Lonely" (lyrics & music) (From the single "Loading...")
2020EXILE "RED PHOENIX" (music) (From the single "RISING SUN TO THE WORLD")
2019GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE "Shinsei" (music) (From the album "SHONEN CHRONICLE")


2023Appointment as Philippines Tourism Ambassador (February~)
2022Appointment as Ambassador of "PREMIUM WATER FUTURE" (May~)
2021Appointment as the face of "Update Beauty Salon LB"


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