In 2010, he made his debut as a performer with J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE's single "Best Friend's Girl".
In 2013, he started his acting career with the stage play "Attack No.1".
On April 27, 2014, he was chosen to join EXILE as a new performer through the "EXILE PERFORMER BATTLE AUDITION" final held in Nippon Budokan.Currently, he is carrying out activities as a member of both EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS III.
In October the same year, he appeared in Fuji TV's drama "Dear Sister".
In 2015, he appeared in two NTV dramas, "WILD HEROES" in April and "HiGH & LOW ~THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D.~" in October.
He played his first lead role in the movie "Evergreen Love" released in June 2016, for which he won Best New Artist Award at the "41st Hochi Film Awards". Moreover, He won Newcomer of the Year Award as well as Popularity Award at the "40th Japan Academy Film Prize" and New Actor Award at the "26TH JAPAN MOVIE CRITICS AWARDS". He has achieved great accomplishments as an "actor".
In October of the same year, he appeared in TBS Friday drama "Suna no Tou ~ Shiri Sugita Rinjin".
In 2017, he appeared in the movie "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 2 END OF SKY" released in July and "HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE 3 FINAL MISSION" released in November. Moreover, he starred in "Destiny Detector" which is one of the 4 works of "Yo ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari'17 Autumn Special" aired on Fuji TV in October.
In 2018, he played his first leading role in the movie "Last Winter We Parted" and one of the lead roles in the movie "Perfect World". In the same year, the movie "Vision" was released. In the same 2018, he was also praised for his acting and received Yujiro Ishihara Newcomer Award at "The 31st Nikkan Sports Film Award for Yujiro Ishihara Newcomer Award".
In addition, he starred in Sunday drama "Hotel on the Brink!" which was aired on NTV from April and appeared in NHK Saturday special drama "Enjou Bengonin" which started airing in December.
From 2019, he serves as the new ambassador of LOUIS VUITTON. He attended LOUIS VUITTON -Men's- 2019-20 Fall-Winter Collection held in Paris where he watched the fashion show in the front row together with Naomi Campbell, actor Timothée Chalamet and other guests from all over the world.
He appeared in the movie "Almost a Miracle" released in June 2019 and in October of the same year he appeared in Fuji TV Monday 9pm time slot drama "SHERLOCK: UNTOLD STORIES".
He appeared in the movie "AI Amok" released in January 2020 and in the movie "The Untold Tale of the Three Kingdoms" released in December of the same year.
In 2020, he also became the first artist to launch a series in "ELLE JAPON" (starting from the July issue).
In January 2021, the movie "The Master Plan" he starred in was released.
In the same year, he appeared in TBS drama "Promise Cinderella" aired from 22:00 every Tuesday starting from July.
"The Hound of the Baskervilles SHERLOCK The Movie" will be released in 2022.

While his activities are mostly focused on his role as a performer for EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS III, Takanori Iwata has also branched out to other fields of entertainment such as acting, commercial appearances and so on.



TBS Tuesday drama "Promise Cinderella"
(From July 2021: as Seigo Kataoka)

Fuji TV Monday 9pm timeslot drama "SHERLOCK: UNTOLD STORIES"
(October to December 2019~: as Junichi Wakamiya)

NHK G Saturday Drama Special "Enjou Bengonin"
(December 15, 2018: as Akira Banba)

NTV "Hotel on the Brink!"
(April to June 2018: as Naoya Ukai)

Fuji TV "Yo ni mo Kimyou na Monogatari '17 Autumn Special 'Destiny Detector'"
(October 14, 2017: as Ryohei Izumi)

TBS Friday drama "Suna no Tou ~ Shiri Sugita Rinjin"
(October to December 2016: as Kohei Ubukata)

NTV drama "HiGH & LOW ~THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D.~"
(October to December 2015: as Cobra)

(April to June 2015: as Shuntaro Saeki)

Fuji TV drama "Dear Sister"
(October to December 2014: as Eito Sakuraba)


"Wedding High" (Released on March 12, 2022)
"The Master Plan"(Released on January 29, 2021: as Kida)
"The Untold Tale of the Three Kingdoms"
(Released on December 11, 2020: as Cho Un)

"AI Amok"
(Released on January 30, 2020: as Makoto Sakuraba / Directed by Yu Irie)

"Machida-kun no Sekai" (Released on June 7, 2019 / By director Yuya Ishii)
"Perfect World"
(Released on October 5, 2018: as Itsuki Ayukawa)

"Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-"
(Released on June 22, 2018: as Junji in "Funky")

(Released on June 8, 2018: as Rin)

"Last Winter We Parted"
(Released on March 10, 2018: as Kyosuke Yakumo)

*His appearances in "Perfect World", "Vision", "Last Winter We Parted" and other works in 2018
scored him "The 31st Nikkan Sports Film Award for Yujiro Ishihara Newcomer Award".

(Released on January 26, 2018: as Asahi in "SWAN SONG")

(Released on November 11, 2017: as Cobra)

(Released on August 19, 2017: as Cobra)

"HiGH & LOW THE MOVIE" (July 2016: as Cobra)
"Evergreen Love" (June 2016: as Itsuki Kusakabe)
・Best New Artist Award at the "41st Hochi Film Awards"
・Newcomer of the Year Award and Popularity Award at the "40th Japan Academy Film Prize"
・New Actor Award at the "26TH JAPAN MOVIE CRITICS AWARDS"
"CROWS EXPLODE" (April 2014: as Hiroki Shibata)


"Monsieur!" (October to November 2013)
"Attack No.1" (September 2013)


The 4th photo book "Layer ~Evolution from Spin and to the future~" (Photographer: Masatoshi Nagase) (Released on November 29, 2021)
The 3rd photo book "Spin" (Photographer: Masatoshi Nagase) (Released on August 2, 2019)
/ TAKANORI IWATA"(Released in March 2017)

Photo essay "AZZURRO" (Released in November 2016)
Takanori Iwata's own photo book "G Takanori Iwata J SOUL BROTHERS III from EXILE TRIBE"
(Released on March 6, 2014)


J Soul Brothers III feature-length documentary movie "SEVEN/7" (Released in May 2018)
Face of Gentosha Bunko's 20th Anniversary Celebration Book Fair (Spring "GENTOSHA Bunko no Haru Matsuri", Summer "GENTOSHA Kokoro wo Hakobu Meisaku 100.", Winter "GENTOSHA Fuyu no Dokusho Fes")
(August 2016)

J Soul Brothers III Documentary
"Born in the EXILE"(February 2016)


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