In November 2007, he joined the J SOUL BROTHERS II.
On March 1, 2009, he officially joined EXILE as a performer.
He and NAOTO have been co-leading J SOUL BROTHERS III since its formation in 2010.
As EXILE's Chapter 4 kicked off in July 2014, he switched from his stage name NAOKI to his real name Naoki Kobayashi.
Aside from his role as a dance performer, he had also taken up acting and shown his passion in theater arts including GEKIDAN EXILE's shows. He presented a wonderful performance as Kintaro Oyama in "Atami Satsujin Jiken 40years' NEW" (Scriptwriter: Kohei Tsuka / Director: Shunichi Okamura) which was staged in February 2013. He has earned high regard from a lot of people.
In December 2014, he debuted on television with the drama "Ishi Mondai Nashinosuke". He then played the role of a criminal in tv asahi's "KUROHA ~Kisou no Josei Sousakan~" in February 2015.
In June 2016, he appeared on the runway of the fashion brand "Yohji Yamamoto" for "Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2017 SS Paris Collection" in Paris, France. In January 2017, he again appeared at "Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2017-2018 AW Paris Collection" as a SHOW MODEL for a second time. He also served as a SHOW MODEL for "Y-3" at the same time and showed his presence in a new field.
He appeared in the movie "TATARA SAMURAI" which was released in 2017 and competed in the World Competition Section of the 40th Montreal World Film Festival and won the award for the Best Artistic Contribution. He himself also won Best Supporting Actor Award at AUCKLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (New Zealand).
That same year, he produced the period drama × entertainment show "UZUMASA EDO SAKABA" which was shown at Kyoto Studio Park. He also engages in the planning and production of comprehensive entertainment shows in which students from EXPG STUDIO KYOTO present a collaboration of a sword performance and a dance performance.
In 2019, he played the lead role in the short film "Umikaze" from the project "CINEMA FIGHTERS" co-presented with Short Shorts Film Festival. This film was directed by Isao Yukisada who has won awards at the Berlin International Film Festival.
Moreover, he made his Hollywood debut in the Netflix film "Earthquake Bird" with Wash Westmoreland as the director and Ridley Scott as the executive producer.
He continues to expand his own possibilities not only by carrying out activities as a performer and an actor with great artistry, but also involving himself in the planning and production for developing dance performances.



d Video"Ishi Mondai Nainosuke 2"
(Available from December 2016)

tv asahi's"KUROHA ~Kisou no Josei Sousakan~"
(Released on February 22, 2015: as RAIUN)

d Video"Ishi Mondai Nainosuke"
(Available from December 2014)


Sono Shunkan, Boku wa Nakitaku Natta -CINEMA FIGHTERS project- "Umikaze"
(Director: Isao Yukisada) (Released in autumn of 2019)

"Earthquake Bird"
(Released on Netflix in 2019)

(Released on November 11, 2017: as Genji Kuki)

(Released on August 19, 2017: as Genji Kuki)

"TATARA SAMURAI" by Director Yoshinari Nishikori (2017)
・Best Artistic Contribution Award at the 40th Montreal World Film Festival
・Grand Prix Golden Goddess Award in International Feature Film Section of "DIRECTORS' FORTNIGHT KOLKATA Film Festival" held in Kolkata, India
・Grand Prix at the 12th Cinema on the Bayou Film Festival
・Best Director Award, Best Cinematography Award and Best Supporting Actor (Naoki Kobayashi) at AUCKLAND INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL (New Zealand)
・Best Direction Award and Best Innovative & Inspirational Contribution Award at the 1st Chatrapati Shivaji International Film Festival (India)
・Best Feature Award at the 3rd Wolves Independent International Film Awards (Lithuania)
・Best Feature Award at the 3rd Phoenix Film Festival Melbourne 2017 (Australia)
・Best International Feature Award at the 2nd UK Screen One International Film (U.K.)
・Best Cinematography Award at Hollywood Reel Indie (U.S.A.)
・Best Feature Film Award at Canadian Diversity Film Festival (Canada)
・Best Feature Award and Best Director Award at the 1st Ramsgate International Film & TV Festival (U.K.)
・Gold Remi Award at World-Fest International Film Festival (U.S.A.)


DANCE EARTH PROJECT Global Entertainment "Changes" (May 2014)
"Hiryuden 21 ~Satsuriku no Aki~" (October 7, 2013 & October 9, 2013) Guest appearance
"Attack No.1" (August to September 2013)
"Atami Satsujin Jiken" written by Kohei Tsuka (February to March 2013)
GEKIDAN EXILE's 4th show "DANCE EARTH ~Negai~" (May 2010)
"Sono Tettou ni Otokotachi wa Iru to Iu" (October 2009)
"Attack No.1" (January 2009)
GEKIDAN EXILE's 2nd show "CROWN ~Nemuranai, Yoru no Hate ni…~"(May 2008)
GEKIDAN EXILE's 1st show "Taiyou ni Yakarete" (September to October 2007)


Fm yokohama "Keep On Dreaming" (2011~2013)


J Soul Brothers III feature-length documentary movie "SEVEN/7"
(Released in May 2018)

"Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2018-2019 AW Paris Collection"
(January 2018 / Paris, France)

Production of period drama × entertainment show "UZUMASA EDO SAKABA" shown at Kyoto Studio Park
(December 2017)

"Y-3 2017-2018 AW Paris Collection"
(January 2017 / Paris, France)

"Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2017-2018 AW Paris Collection"
(January 2017 / Paris, France)

"Yohji Yamamoto HOMME 2017 SS Paris Collection"
(June 2016 / Paris, France)

J Soul Brothers III Documentary "Born in the EXILE"
(February 2016)


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