In November 2012, he made his major debut as a vocalist of GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE.
He made his acting debut in the drama "GTO" in 2014. Among his notable works are the dramas "Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom" ('19), "PRAYERS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM" ('20), "Wave, Listen to Me!" ('23), "Oshi ga Joshi ni Narimashite" ('23) and the movies "My Brother Loves Me Too Much" ('17), "Ride Your Wave" ('19) (animated film), "Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight" ('19) and other works.
In 2019, he was honored as one of "8 Asian Stars: Up Next" by Variety in America and International Film Festival & Awards • Macao. In 2021, he started serving as the first Japanese ambassador of Givenchy and was active in overseas activities.
In January 2020, his first solo song "Possible" was digitally released. He has released 3 songs so far.
On January 29 this year, the performance of his first stage play "HiGH & LOW THE Sengoku" started. He plays the lead role in this work.
He expands the range of his activities as an artist and actor not only in Japan but also around Asia.



2024.01.29Digital Single "NO FEAR NO MORE" / Ryota Katayose × DOBERMAN INFINITY
2023.10.25Digital Single "Dance the life away" / Ryota Katayose
2022.08.30Digital Single "Unmei" / Ryota Katayose
2020.01.07Digital Single "Possible" / Ryota Katayose


2023TV TOKYO "Oshi ga Joshi ni Narimashite" as Toma Kiryu / Shuichi Takagi (Broadcast from October to December)
2023TV Asahi "Wave, Listen to Me!" as Chuya Nakahara
2023TELASA "Namikaze Yo Tattekure" as Chuya Nakahara
2023Amazon Original Drama "A2Z" as Naruo Sakagami (Currently streamed exclusively on Prime Video)
2022TV TOKYO "UNMEI POLICE" Lead role / as Nanase Fukuyama & Nanao Fukuda (Seven) (Broadcast from July to August)
2021Fuji TV "Radiation House II" Episode 6 as Ken Muto (Broadcast on 11/8)
2020TBS "PRAYERS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM" as Reiichi Tanaka (Broadcast from January to March)
2020Paravi "PRAYERS IN THE EMERGENCY ROOM ~Satori Kenshuui Tanaka Reiichi~" lead role / as Tanaka Reiichi (Available from 1/11)
2019NTV "Nippon Noir" Episode 6 as Hayato Kai (Broadcast on 11/17)
2019NTV "Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom" as Hayato Kai (Broadcast from January to March)
2019Web drama "TOKYO COIN LAUNDRY" lead role / as Yuto Kurashima (Available on Yahoo! JAPAN / GYAO! from 1/11)
2018NTV "PRINCE OF LEGEND" as Kanade Suzaku (Broadcast from October to December)
2017NTV "My Brother Loves Me Too Much" as Haruka Tachibana (Broadcast from April to May)
2014Kansai TV "GTO" as Yu Kiritani (Broadcast from July to September)


2023"SANA" Lead role / as Ryota Katayose (Released on 8/11)
2021Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku -CINEMA FIGHTERS project- "COYOTE" Lead role (Released on 11/26)
2020"Ito" as Sasaki (Released on 8/21)
2020"Kizoku Kourin -PRINCE OF LEGEND-" as Kanade Suzaku (Released on 3/13)
2019"Kiss Me at the Stroke of Midnight" lead role / as Kaede Ayase (Released on 12/6)
2019Animated film "Ride Your Wave" lead role / as Minato Hinageshi (Released on 6/21)
2019"PRINCE OF LEGEND" lead role / as Kanade Suzaku (Released on 3/21)
2017"My Brother Loves Me Too Much" as Haruka Tachibana (Released on 6/30)


2024"HiGH & LOW THE Sengoku" (1/29 ~ 2/25 @THEATER MILANO-Za / Scriptwriters: Norihisa Hiranuma, Kei Watanabe Director: TEAM GENESIS)


2019Zoff "Zoff SMART meets 0 Kiss"
2017Recruit Jobs "TOWNWORK"
2017Tokyo Nishikawa Afit "A, Fit Suru"
2015Samantha Vega "Forest" / "Party"


2021 & 2022GIVENCHY Ambassador
2022"Exidéal" Brand ambassador
2019Spokesmodel of Nishikawa's new brand "Home Makes"
2017Spokesmodel of Gentosha Bunko's book fair


2021First book "Round Trip Oufuku Shokan" (Released on 10/29 by Shinchosha)
2018First photo book "GOODBYE, WHITE" (Released on 8/7, KADOKAWA)
*Released in Japan, China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore


2023"Ambassador for 30th Anniversary" of CEREZO OSAKA

2023Ambassador for Yao City of Osaka
2023Amazon Prime Video "The Bachelor Japan" Season 5 Guest MC (Available from August)
2021Ryota Katayose online fan meeting "MUTUAL ARROW"
2019Ryota Katayose's fan meeting 2019 "EXPRESS MY MIND" (March)


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