Horse riding, skiing, tennis
MODA Branding Consultant Gold License (fashion, makeup, etc.), Seiri-Shuno Advisor Level 1


She was born in Tokyo in 1983.
She started a theater company in 2003 and as its president had served as the scriptwriter and director
for all of its works for 8 years.
Apart from producing stage plays, she also produced many movies as well as works for TV and radio.
At the age of 26, she served as the scriptwriter and stage director of the reading drama "Moshimo Kimi ga." (directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi). When she was 27, she was selected as the scriptwriter and director of the stage play "Memories of Matsuko" (starring Yu Hasebe and featuring EXILE KEIJI).
In the same year, she served as the director of "a postman in love" (Lead role: Misako Yasuda) which was put on stage in PARCO Theatre.
After that, she wrote the lyrics and script for "The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince" (Lead roles: Ikusaburo Yamazaki & Mitsuki Takahata) staged in Aoyama Theatre. Moreover, she also served as the scriptwriter of "Dream High" which was put on stage in New National Theatre Playhouse and was involved in the production of its musical.
She also served as the scriptwriter of "BROTHERS CONFLICT -BROTHERS ON STAGE" presented as a series of 5 works and "Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE". Her powerful and delicate expression of emotions received wide acclaim and more than half of her works in recent years were put on stage again or had sequels.
She served as the scriptwriter and director of the musical "Inner World Evolution" (Lead role: Anna Saeki), an angel series, which lasted for 8 years and was performed in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Hiroshima and other cities. This work was well received even by viewers from all over the world who don't understand Japanese.
Her recent masterpieces include "Memories of Matsuko" Akai Jounetsu Hen & Kuroi Kodoku Hen (Lead roles: Reika Sakurai & Yumi Wakatsuki) in which she was a scriptwriter & director as well as the stage play "Kouyouki" (Original: DAKAICHI -I'm being harassed by the sexiest man of the year) in which she was a scriptwriter.
In the autumn of 2020, she participated as one of the writers of the latest TRUMP series "Kuro Sekai", served as the director of "Regarding Saeki Sayaka", a spin-off work of the popular comic, and wrote lyrics and script for the musical "Hoshin Engi".
Besides, as an actress and artist, she played the lead roles in movies, appeared in TV dramas and stage plays including "Anne no Hi" (Scriptwriter & Director: Roba Shimori) and even released CDs. She carries out her activities in various fields.


As scriptwriter (lyricist) & director

2021Stage play "Kouyouki ~Douji Kitan~" Scriptwriter
2020Reading drama "Bloom Into You: Regarding Saeki Sayaka" Director
2020Musical "Houshin Engi -Kaisen no Zensou Kyoku-" Scriptwriter
2020Musical reading drama "Kuro Sekai Biyori no Shou" Scriptwriter
2019Stage play "Inner World Evolution Naisekai no Shinka IV ~Spin-off~" Director
2019Stage play "Kouyouki" Scriptwriter
2019Stage play "Inner World Evolution Naisekai no Shika III" Director
2019Stage play PIYO×LABO vol.2 "SHOOTING PAIN" Scriptwriter & Director
2019Stage play Trifle Entertainment "OUT OF FOCUS!" Scriptwriter
2018Stage play "Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE episode5" Scriptwriter
2018Stage play "Inner World Evolution II" Supervisor (MITSUKOSHI THEATER)
2017Reading play / solo performance "Rensei" ~ a Binary Star ~ Director
2017Stage play "Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE episode4" Scriptwriter
2017Stage play "Anita" Scriptwriter & Director (Lead role / Anna Saeki)
2016Stage play "Prince of Stride THE LIVE STAGE episode1" Scriptwriter
2016Stage play "Memories of Matsuko" Scriptwriter & Director (Lead roles: Reika Sakurai & Yumi Wakatsuki (Nogizaka46))
2016Stage play "BROTHERS CONFLICT -BROTHERS ON STAGE!3-THE FINAL" Scriptwriter (Director: Naohiro Ise)
2016Stage play "Inner World Evolution" Director
2016Stage play "Kumo wa Waki,Hikari Afurete" Scriptwriter
2015Fuji TV "As You Say Mako" Scriptwriter
2015Stage play "BROTHERS CONFLICT -BROTHERS ON STAGE! Saien-" Scriptwriter (Director: Naohiro Ise)
2015Stage play "BROTHERS CONFLICT -BROTHERS ON STAGE!2-" Scriptwriter (Director: Naohiro Ise)
2015Stage play SCARLET LABEL "Usagi to Shiirakansu." Scriptwriter (Cast: Rina Akiyama, Yotaro Ito and others)
2014Stage play "BROTHERS CONFLICT -BROTHERS ON STAGE!-" Scriptwriter (Director: Naohiro Ise)
2013Musical "Tenshi no Diary II" Director (Cast: Anna Saeki, Naoki Tsujimoto and others)
2013BS TwellV "Counter no Futari 2" Episode 18 (Scriptwriter)
2012Musical "Dream High" Scriptwriter (Director & Choreographer: Tetsuji Masuda (TETSUHARU))
2012Musical "The 1st Shop Of Coffee Prince" Scriptwriter (Aoyama Theatre)
2012Stage play MEN'S NATION project Part 1 "Hokorashige da ga, Sora." Director (Cast: Hiroki Maekawa, Yuichiro Hirata, Shinjiro (AAA) and others)
2012Musical "Tenshi no Diary" Director (Cast: Anna Saeki, Takuji Kawakubo and others)
2012TV TOKYO Drama 24 "Don't shoot me Mr! Untold stories of gravure models" Scriptwriter & Director
2011Stage play "Moshimo Kimi ga." Scriptwriter & Director (Original Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi)
2011Movie "From Bus Stop with Love" Scriptwriter & Assistant Director (Director: Yasuhito Tachibana)
2011Reading drama "Moshimo Kimi ga." -Last Christmas- Scriptwriter (Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi)
2010Stage play "Gekidan VitaminX ~Legend Of Vitamin~" Scriptwriter
2010Stage play "Memories of Matsuko" Scriptwriter & Director (Cast: Yu Hasebe, KEIJI (EXILE))
2010Stage play "Moshimo Kimi ga." Scriptwriter & Assistant Director (Director: Yukihiko Tsutsumi)
2009BS Asahi "7 Mannin Tantei Nitobe" Episode 2 Scriptwriter
2007NHK "Hanaya Hinageshi Imadoki Osahou Monogatari" Scriptwriter
2005Art College KOBE "Professional Works" DJ & Voice Acting Department CD Drama Production Project Scriptwriter


Men's clothing KONAKA "Kamikiri Hen"
"NUMO/Yoru e Hen" (voice appearance)

TX "Secret x Heroine Phantomirage!" Episode 13
CX "Monster Parent" Episode 10
CX "Kirakira Kenshuui" Episode 10
CX "He Who Can't Marry" Episode 11
TBS "Akihabara @DEEP" Episode 5
BS Fuji "Innovation Rekishigaku" MC
EX Friday Night Drama "Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi" Episode 19

"Lord of Tsurimela" Lead role / Director: Taishi Shiode
"Kawaki." (Cast) Director : Tetsuya Nakashima
"Enter the Void" Director : Gaspar Noé
"My Girlfriend's a Geek" (Scriptwriter & Cast) Director: Atsushi Kaneshige
"1980" Director: Keralino Sandrovich

NHK-FM Radio Drama Seishun Adventure "Happy Birthday"
Radio commercial "Idemitsu"
Radio commercial "Aichi Gakuin University"
Radio commercial "Coca-Cola"
Radio commercial "Panasonic Mobile FOMA"

Stage play
2017Trifle Entertainment "Pizzza☆" Cast (Theater Sun-mall)
2017fukinkobo "Anne no Hi" Cast (Mitaka Hoshi no Hall)
2016"Tsubasa to Kuchibashi mo Kudasai" Cast (Akasaka Red Theater)
2015TSURIMELA Nozokiana Engeki "Joou Heika no Secret Service" Cast
2015Cromemolybdan "Shichinin no Futari" Cast
2014Cromemolybdan "Kowakunai Kowakunai" Cast
2013Cromemolybdan "Magaru Curve" Cast
2013KAKI-KUU-KYAKU Nyotai Shakespeare 004 "Shikkin King Lear" Cast (Director: Norihito Nakayashiki)
2013Kuusou Kumikyoku vol.11 Special Short Story Collection "Kumikyoku Kuusou" Cast (Cast: Etsushi Furukawa, Kio Matsumoto and others)
2013LUCK-UMU "Oyoshison no Ookami" Cast
2013Cromemolybdan "Renzoku Otomodachi Jiken" Cast
2012Kuusou Kumikyoku vol.9 "Kumikyoku Kairou" Cast
2011KAKI-KUU-KYAKU Nyotai Shakespeare 002 "Zecchou Macbeth" Cast
2011Shibai Ryuutsuu Center Desdensho "STRIKE BACK Senpai" Cast
2011KAKI-KUU-KYAKU Nyotai Shakespeare 001 "Nousatsu Hamlet" Cast
2011"a postman in love" Director (PARCO Theatre)
2011fukinkobo "Akaki Fukazume" Cast
2011ehon "sweets" Superintend, Scriptwriter, Director, Cast
2010Shichirigahama All Stars "Ore no Shikabane wo Koete Ike" Cast
2010ZOKKY no Nozoki Heya Engeki Matsuri 2010 "Mousou Kumikyoku" Cast


2014Appearance in Tsurimela's provo videos "All Nude" and "Happy Sad Koushaku Fujin"
2014Appearance at Tsurimela one-man show "Ichiokunen no Toshi no Sa wo Misetsukete Agemashou ka?" @Shibuya WWW
2014Release of Tsurimela's album "SUPER HEEL"
2013Corobuchica X'mas Event Scriptwriter & Guest
2013Tsurimela's 3rd live show "108 no Bonnou no Hitotsu Hitotsu wo Oshiete Sashiagemashou ka" @Shimokitazawa GARAGE
2013Tsurimela's 2nd live show "Tokyo ni Hyougaki ga Kurutte Hontou desu ka?" @Roppongi morph-tokyo
2013Tsurimela's live show in celebration of the record release "Okyakusama no Naka ni Tsurime no Kata wa Irasshaimasu ka" @Shibuya VUENOS
2013Release of Tsurimela's debut maxi single "Eyes Wide Shut"


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■Things that will not be accepted
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