At the age of 18, she debuted as LISA under the label TOKUMA JAPAN and also collaborated on many songs with Ram Jam World.
She joined m-flo in 1998 and officially debuted as its member in 1999.
After releasing many hit songs, she left m-flo in order to focus on solo activities. After that, she released several self-produced albums and never stopped creating songs for other artists. She returned to m-flo in 2018.
In 2019 m-flo celebrates the 20th anniversary of their official debut, so the group has been very active. Besides the activities as m-flo's member, LISA carries out activities as a composer and many other activities in different fields.

LISA's frank and genuine words are often quoted by entertainment and news programs.

Even now, LISA (m-flo) who is evolving and cutting out new paths continues to expand the range of her activities.


Solo Live Show

2019Talk & Dinner Show in HANEDA (March 24)

TV Shows

2020NHK "asaichi" (On air on January 10)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on December 13)
2019MXTV "Goji ni Muchuu!" (On air on November 29)
2019NTV "Uchi no Gaya ga Sumimasen!" (On air on November 13)
2019NTV "DANCING SANMA PALACE" (On air on November 13)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on October 25)
2019CX "KIS-MY is BUSAIKU!?" (On air on October 24)
2019NTV "DANCING SANMA PALACE" (On air on October 1)
2019EX "Imadani Fan Desu" (On air on September 7)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on September 6)
2019NTV "SUKKIRI" Monthly MC of WORLD ENTERTAINMENT News Corner (On air in September)
2019EX "DOTCHI!? ON FRIDAY" (On air on August 30)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on July 26)
2019TBS "Jinsei Iroiro Choukaigi" (On air on July 8)
2019CX "KIS-MY is BUSAIKU!? Special" (On air on July 1)
2019CX "KIS-MY is BUSAIKU!?" (On air on June 13)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on May 17)
2019Kansai TV "Gout Temps Nouveau 2" (On air on May 7)
2019CX "KIS-MY is BUSAIKU!?" (On air on April 18)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on March 15)
2019TBS "Nakai-kun Kimete!" (On air on February 4)
2019NHK "asaichi" (On air on January 18)
2019CX "Banana Bakari no Dokudashi Onna Shinnenkai" (On air on January 1)
2018NHK "asaichi" (On air on December 21)
2018CX "HONMADEKKA!? TV" (On air on December 19)
2018TBS "Nakai-kun Kimete!" (On air on November 19)
2018TBS "SUNDAY JAPON" (On air on October 7)
2018NTV "DOWN TOWN DX" (On air on September 30)
2018NTV "Onna ga Onna ni Ikaru Yoru" (On air on August 6)
2018NTV "ONE MINUTE Deep good speaking" (On air on February 26)


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