HOT365 teaser

R&B singer MABU who is proficient in dance, singing and rap will make his debut under LDH MUSIC on April 29! The teaser of his debut song "HOT365" and the cover photo have been unveiled!


He was born in Tokyo.
He started his career as a professional dancer and has been working with EXILE ATSUSHI, Ketsumeishi and other famous artists as a back-up dancer, choreographer and director. He started to carry out activities as an artist from 2015 and released some singles and EPs.
His own style developed by combining rap with singing and his talented dance performances on stage received a lot of attention. Now, he is carrying out activities in Tokyo mainly as a singer in the PLAY BOY style.
Since he writes songs for not only himself, but also many artists, he also received a wide acclaim as a songwriter. Moreover, he also designs products for his brand "MIDNIGHT LONELY BOY", fully showing his multiple talents.
Together with DOBERMAN INFINITY and JAY'ED, he was featured in the latest song "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" of the band "RED DIAMOND DOGS" led by EXILE ATSUSHI which was released on July 11, 2018. On August 8, he released his new song "Summer Won't Be Back feat. EXILE ATSUSHI" which features EXILE ATSUSHI. He will make his debut under LDH MUSIC on April 29, 2019.



2019.4.29 ON SALE


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