On September 27, 2001, he made his artist debut with the single "Your eyes only ~Aimaina Bokuno Katachi~".
He also started a career in acting with GEKIDAN EXILES' 1st show "Taiyouni Yakarete" from September 2007. From then on, he's been consistently active as an actor, and his acting resume includes: his first ever lead role in the movie "LONG CARAVAN"; his one-man stage play "Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW 'MATSU BOCCHI'"; an appearance in NHK's drama "Kamisamano Nyoubou", the lead role in NTV's drama "Binta! ~Bengoshi Jimuin Minowa ga Aide Kaiketsushimasu~" (also his first lead role in a drama on terrestrial TV).
In June 2015, Toshio Matsumoto founded GEKIDAN EXILE MATSUGUMI. He will use his experience from past stage plays to lead the group and create new projects with a twist of EXILE's style.
On December 31 of the same year, he officially retired from the EXILE performer team.
Believing in the possibilities of live entertainment through theater, he will attempt to create comprehensive entertainment with GEKIDAN EXILE MATSUGUMI at its core.



2019"Kage ni Dakarete Nemure"
2013"Harenochi Hare, Tokidoki Hare (Ties)" Lead role
2013"King of Gomennasai"
2013"Little Maestra"
2009"LONG CARAVAN" Lead role


2022.01~03YTV / NTV Platinight Thursday Drama F "Kei x Yaku - Dangerous Buddy" (January 13~)
2021.12tv asahi "Imagine ~Nou ga Hamaru Drama~"
2021.08YTV / NTV Platinight Thursday Drama F "Love Interns" Episode 7
2021.07TV TOKYO "Bittomo x Heroine Kirameki Powers!" Episode 1
2021.04TV TOKYO Drama 25 "Solo Katsu Joshi no Susume" Cameo appearance
2019.02YTV "Yakusoku no Stage ~Toki wo Kakeru Futari no Uta~"
2018.07NHK BS Premium "IRON GRANDMA 2" Episode 5 and 6
2018.03Kansai TV "Osaka Loop Line Part 3 Hito Eki Goto no Smile Ashiharabashi Station 'Watashi ga Sakana ni Naru Mae ni Odotte'"
2017.08~09Fuji TV Otona no Dodora "The Dream of Nepenthes"
2015.08NHK's 90th Anniversary TV Drama "Keiseisaimin no Otoko" PART 1 "Takahashi Korekiyo"
2014.10~12YTV's "Binta! ~Bengoshi Jimuin Minowa ga Aide Kaiketsushimasu~" Lead role
2013.04NHK Saturday drama "Goen Hunter"
2013.01KTV's "GTO Shougatsu Special! Fuyumo Nekketsu Jugyouda" Cameo appearance
2011.10NHK Saturday Special Drama "Kamisamano Nyoubou"
2011.07~09NTV's "ROKUDENASHI BLUES" Lead role
2011.06BeeTV's "3 Maimeno Bodyguard-Bokuwa Kimidakewo Mamorinuku-" Lead role
2011.04~06tv asahi "Haganeno Onna Season 2"
2011.01~03TBS "Heaven's Flower ~ The Legend of ARCANA"


2022.09~11"FOCUS ~Update~" Lead role ([Tokyo] September 17 ~ September 18 @GINZA BLOSSOM / [Osaka] November 18 ~ November 19 @COOL JAPAN PARK OSAKA TT Hall)
2022.07"'SEVEN FINGERED PIANIST' ~Dorobou to no Episode~" Lead role (July 24, 25, 27, 29, 30, 31 @Sunshine Theater)
2021.12Murder Mystery Theater "Uragiri no Bansan" (Live streamed from 15:00 on December 14)
(June 2 ~ 6 @Shinagawa Prince Hotel Club eX / June 11 ~ 13 @Matsushita IMP Hall / June 26 @Rexxam Hall)

2021.03~04Musical "INTERVIEW ~Onegai, Dare ka Boku wo Tasukete~"
2021.02"Reading Drama #MadeOutToBeAMurdererOneMorning"
2020.08.09Premium Reading Drama "Mou Love Song wa Utaenai" 'Re:' Toshio Matsumoto× Maho Nonami
2020.03CHIKYU GORGEOUS 25th anniversary celebration show "Hoshi no Daichi ni Furu Namida THE MUSICAL"
2019.04~05Haru no Tsuka Kohei Fukkatsusai VOL.2 "Ginmaku no Hate ni"
2019.02~03Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "'MATSU BOCCHI 06' -STARS-"
2018.02~03Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "MATSU BOCCHI 05 -RECORD-"
2017.10~12TAKUMA FESTIVAL JAPAN's 5th Show "Himitsu"
2017.04"Chiruran Shinsengumi Requiem"
2016.10Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "MATSU BOCCHI 04 -DOORS-"
2016.08"Kagerou" (direction only)
2013.10~11Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "MATSU BOCCHI 03 -POSITION-"
2012.10Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "MATSU BOCCHI 02 -Gingayori Aiwo Komete-"
2010.11Toshio Matsumoto one-man SHOW "MATSU BOCCHI -LAFORET Maemade Minna Issho Dattanoni…-"
2010.05GEKIDAN EXILE's 4th stage "DANCE EARTH ~Negai~"
2009.10~11GEKIDAN EXILE's 3rd stage "Words ~Yakusoku/Uragiri~ Subete, Ushinawareshimonono Tame…"
2008.05GEKIDAN EXILE's 2nd stage "CROWN ~ Nemurenai, Yoruno Hateni…"
2007.09~10GEKIDAN EXILE's debut stage "Taiyouni Yakarete"


2016.01"Kizuna" by Toshio Matsumoto / EXILE ÜSA / EXILE MAKIDAI


2022.10Won the "IKUMEN OF THE YEAR 2022"
2021~Toshio Matsumoto's official YouTube channel "MATSU Bocchi IN THE HOUSE"
2018~As SOS47 Special Security Support Officer


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