Snow Candy (Official Lyric Video)


It is a group with diverse personalities who are good at singing, dancing, rapping and beatboxing. Members with roots in different countries gathered together in order to become global artists recognized in Japan and all around the world.
Originally, each member served as a backup dancer for LDH artists.
In "BATTLE OF TOKYO ~ENTER THE Jr.EXILE~" held in 2019, they officially performed as "PSYCHIC FEVER".
In October 2019, they became the first group in LDH who held "Musha Shugyo" in all the 47 prefectures in Japan and attracted 40 thousand viewers.
Later, they also served as backup dancers in the concerts of LDH artists such as EXILE and J SOUL BROTHERS III.
Besides, in July 2021, they appeared as the opening act of "J SOUL BROTHERS III LIVE TOUR 2021 'THIS IS JSB'".
There they performed their pre-debut single "Hotline" for the first time.
In the same month, with the single "Hotline", they became the first group in LDH who held an online "Musha Shugyo". There were 6 shows in total which drew about 300 thousand viewers.
In the final show held in September, they performed the 2nd pre-debut single "Best For You". After that, they continued to energetically carry out their activities.
At present, with the goal of " reaching 1 million subscribers on the official YouTube account", they consistently take on challenges every day aiming for the major debut.



『Snow Candy』
2021.12.25 ON SALE
『Tokyo Spiral』
2021.12.11 ON SALE
『Best For You』
2021.10.8 ON SALE
2021.7.18 ON SALE


2022.7.13 ON SALE
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