SABU was born in 1964 in Wakayama Prefecture.
In 1986, he debuted as an actor in the work "Sorobanzuku" (Director: Yoshimitsu Morita). With the movie "WORLD APARTMENT HORROR", where he played his first lead role, he won the Best New Actor at The 13th Yokohama Film Festival.
He debuted as a director with "DANGAN RUNNER" (1996), got his work screened in the Panorama category at Berlin International Film Festival and won Best New Director at Yokohama Film Festival, which made SABU, a new prominent video creator, well-known to the whole world.
After that, he kept on enthusiastically producing works focusing on entertainment works that perfectly incorporate elements of comedy. The works he directed include: "Kanikosen" (2009), " BUNNY DROP " (2011), "Chasuke's Journey" (2015) nominated in the Competition category at Berlin International Film Festival, "MR.LONG" (2017) premiered at Japan at Tokyo International Film Festival and "jam" (2018) which won the Russian Film Critics' Award at Moscow International Film Festival.
His latest work is the movie "My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy" which was adapted from Yuyuko Takemiya's bestselling novel. It was officially nominated in the Competition category at Warsaw Film Festival. He participated in "Kinou Yori Akaku Ashita Yori Aoku", the 4th part of the short film project "CINEMA FIGHTERS project" coming out in the autumn of 2021 which combines poetry, music and videos. He served as the director of "BLUE BIRD" (starring Reo Sano) which is one of the 6 works. The movie "DANCING MARY" starring EXILE NAOTO which won the Jury's Special Award at Porto International Film Festival 2020, one of the world's three largest festivals specializing in fantasy films, will also hit the big screen soon.



<Feature Film>
1996"DANGAN RUNNER"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Tomorowo Taguchi, Diamond★Yukai, Shinichi Tsutsumi

1997"Postman Blues"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Shinichi Tsutsumi, Kyoko Toyama, Keisuke Horibe, Ren Osugi

1998"Unlucky Monkey"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Shinichi Tsutsumi, Hiroshi Shimizu, Akira Yamamoto, Ikko Suzuki, Kimika Yoshino

2000"MONDAY"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Shinichi Tsutsumi, Yasuko Matsuyuki, Masanobu Ando, Naomi Nishida, Ren Osugi, Hideki Noda

2002"DRIVE"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Shinichi Tsutsumi, Ko Shibasaki, Masanobu Ando, Toshio Kakei, Susumu Terajima, Ren Osugi

2003"The Blessing Bell"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Susumu Terajima, Naomi Nishida, Seijun Suzuki, Ryoko Shinohara, Toru Masuoka and others

2003"Hard Luck Hero"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, Yoshihiko Inohara, Go Morita, Ken Miyake, Junichi Okada

2005"HOLD UP DOWN"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Masayuki Sakamoto, Hiroshi Nagano, Yoshihiko Inohara, Go Morita, Ken Miyake, Junichi Okada

2005"Dead Run"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Yuya Tegoshi, Hanae Kan, Miki Nakatani, Susumu Terajima, Ren Osugi, Etsushi Toyokawa

2009"Kanikosen"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Ryuhei Matsuda, Hirofumi Arai, Kengo Kora, Ren Osugi, Hidetoshi Nishijima

2011"BUNNY DROP"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Kenichi Matsuyama, Karina, Mana Ashida, Mirei Kiritani, Jun Fubuki, Baijaku Nakamura

2013"Miss ZOMBIE"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Ayaka Komatsu, Makoto Togashi, Toru Tezuka

2015"Chasuke's Journey"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Kenichi Matsuyama, Ito Ohno, Yusuke Iseya, Ren Osugi, Hiromasa Taguchi, Susumu Terajima, Tina Tamashiro

2016"DIY"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Jiyoung, Sahel Rosa, Natalie Emmons and others

2017"Happiness"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Masatoshi Nagase

2017"MR.LONG"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Chen Chang, Sho Aoyagi, Eleven Yao and others

2018"jam"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Sho Aoyagi, Nobuyuki Suzuki, Keita Machida and others

2021"My Blood & Bones in a Flowing Galaxy"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Taishi Nakagawa, Anna Ishii and others

<Short Film>
2002"A1012K"【Scriptwriter & Director】
Cast: Shiho Harumi, Akiyo and others

TV Drama
2010TV TOKYO "TROUBLE MAN" 12 episodes in total【Scriptwriter & Director】
2015BS SKY PerfecTV! "PANIC IN" 2 episodes【Scriptwriter & Director】


The 18th Yokohama Film Festival - Best New Director

"Postman Blues"
Cognac Festival du Film Policier - Best New Director
Bangkok International Film Festival - People's Choice Award

The 50th Berlin International Film Festival - FIPRESCI Award, IFFS Judges Special Award & Don Quixote Award
Chicago International Film Festival - Gold Plaque Emerging Artist Award

Fantasia International Film Festival - Best Asian Film Award in the Jury category

"The Blessing Bell"
The 53th Berlin International Film Festival -NETPAC Award
Cinemanila International Film Festival - Special Jury Award

"Dead Run"
Syracuse International Film Festival - Best Feature Fiction Award

CAMERA JAPAN Festival in the Netherlands - Audience Award

The 21st Festival international du film fantastique de Gerardmer - Grand Prix Award
The 34th Porto International Film Festival - Best Film Award & Special Award
Dhaka International Film Festival - Best Script Award in Competition category

The 41st Moscow International Film Festival - Russian Film Critics' Award


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