On September 22, 2006, TAKAHIRO won the final of "EXILE Vocal Battle Audition 2006 ~ASIAN DREAM~", a competition in which around 10,000 applicants fought for a chance to be a part of EXILE. He swept the competition away and earned the position of EXILE's new vocalist.
On August 22, 2012, vocalist TAKAHIRO (EXILE), guitarist HISASHI (GLAY),
bassist TOKIE (unkie/LOSALIOS) and drummer MOTOKATSU MIYAGAMI (THE MAD CAPSULE MARKETS) formed "ACE OF SPADES" as a limited project and released the single "WILD TRIBE".
In 2014, TAKAHIRO held his first personal exhibition "Hajime -EX Baka Diary-".
In September 2015, TAKAHIRO released his commemorative album "the VISIONALUX" that summed up his career up till then.
In 2017, after two years, he started his solo activities again.
On October 4, 2017, he released his single "Eternal Love". It was chosen as the commercial song for Huis Ten Bosch "The Kingdom of Lights".
In October 5 of the same year, he launched his first fan club event "EXILE TRIBE FAMILY FAN CLUB EVENT 'TAKAHIRO Michi no Eki 2017-2018'".
On December 6, 2017, he released his mini album "All-The-Time Memories" which included 3 songs written and composed by him and has been very active as a solo artist.
On February 20, 2019, the limited project "ACE OF SPADES" released its first album "4REAL", 6 years after the band was formed. They also held their first national tour "ACE OF SPADES 1st. TOUR 2019 '4REAL'" which included 7 shows in 5 cities.
In July of the same year, TAKAHIRO launched "EXILE TRIBE FAMILY FAN CLUB EVENT 'TAKAHIRO Michi no Eki 2019'" which was held in 28 cities in Japan. It was the "sequel" of his previous fan club event with 22 shows in 19 cities held from 2017 to 2018.
EXILE TAKAHIRO succeeded to hold live shows in all the 47 prefectures through these two fan club events.
In July 2020, EXILE TAKAHIRO has been appointed as a special supporter of the "Lemon Sour de Nihon wo Genki ni!" project organized by TAKARA SHUZO!
In September of the same year, TAKAHIRO launched <EXILE RESPECT> series in which he releases covers of EXILE's songs. He digitally released "Unmei no Hito" on September 28 as the 1st single of this project, and the 2nd single "Heavenly White" was also released on digital music services on December 21.
In 2021, EXILE celebrated their 20th debut anniversary and TAKAHIRO welcomed his 15th debut anniversary. In March of the same year, EXILE TRIBE launched the dome tour EXILE TRIBE LIVE TOUR 2021 "RISING SUN TO THE WORLD" across Japan.
On April 27, EXILE released their first single in 2021 "PARADOX" with the lyrics written by TAKAHIRO and SHOKICHI. It also included the 3rd single of <EXILE RESPECT>, "Lovers Again".
In April, "Motto Tsuyoku" in collaboration with pianist "Harami-chan" and "Lovers Again" have been unveiled on the YouTube channel "THE FIRST TAKE" which presents one-shot performances of artists. In one of these videos.
Apart from activities as a vocalist, he also played in "The Easygoing Police", "WILD HEROES" and the "HiGH&LOW" series.
In 2017, he made his stage play debut by playing the lead role in "MOJO" which won the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy, the highest award in the U.K.'s theatrical field.
In May 2019, TAKAHIRO played his first solo lead role in the feature film "Meeting Myself".
In September, he extended his activity field by playing in his first period work titled "Three Nobunagas".



2021.08.09Digital Single "Yasashii Hikari" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2020.12.21Digital Single "Heavenly White" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2020.09.28Digital Single "Unmei no Hito" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2020.03.12LIVE DVD & Blu-ray "EXILE TRIBE FAMILY FAN CLUB EVENT 'TAKAHIRO Michi no Eki 2019'" (available to fan club members only)
2019.11.25Digital single "ON THE WAY ~Ai no Hikari~" EXILE TAKAHIRO
2019.10.16Digital single "YOU are ROCK STAR" EXILE TAKAHIRO
2019.07.08Digital single "Last Night" EXILE TAKAHIRO
2019.02.20Album "4REAL" ACE OF SPADES
2018.11.14LIVE DVD & Blu-ray "EXILE TRIBE FAMILY FAN CLUB EVENT 'TAKAHIRO Michi no Eki 2017-2018'" (exclusive for fan club members)
2017.12.06Mini Album "All-The-Time Memories" EXILE TAKAHIRO
2017.10.04Single "Eternal Love" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2016.10.12Single "TIME FLIES" / ACE OF SPADES × PKCZ® feat. Hiroomi Tosaka
2015.09.23Album "the VISIONALUX" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2014.03.05Single "Love Story" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2013.06.26Single "Issen Ichibyou" / EXILE TAKAHIRO
2012.08.22Single "WILD TRIBE" / ACE OF SPADES
*ACE OF SPADES are HISASHI (G) / TAKAHIRO (Vo) / TOKIE (B) / Motokatsu Miyagami (D).


2016.04~06NTV Drama "HiGH & LOW -Season 2-"
2015.10~12NTV Drama "HiGH & LOW THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D."
2015.04~06NTV Drama "WILD HEROES" First lead role in a drama
2015.03Appearance in NTV Drama "The Easygoing Police SPECIAL"
2014.01~03Appearance in NTV Drama "The Easygoing Police"


2016.04~06NTV Drama "HiGH & LOW -Season 2-"
2015.10~12NTV Drama "HiGH&LOW THE STORY OF S.W.O.R.D."
2015.04~06NTV Drama "WILD HEROES" First lead role in a drama
2015.03Appearance in NTV Drama "The Easygoing Police SPECIAL"
2014.01~03Appearance in NTV Drama "The Easygoing Police"


2021TV commercial model of TAKARA SHUZO "Lemon Sour de Nihon wo Genki ni!" Project
September 2015~SUNTORY "SUNTORY The MALT'S"
October 2012Fujitsu "FMV"
October 2014~AOYAMA TAILOR
February 2014~Samantha Thavasa meets SAMANTHA KINGZ "Kaban no Naka ni, Koi wo Ohitotsu."
June 2013~Coca-Cola (Japan) "Coca-Cola ZERO"
April 2012Kose Cosmeport "adidas skin protection"
December 2011Meiji "Dorea"
November 2011, March 2013NTT Communications "050plus"
November 2011GREE "Seisen Cerberus"
September 2011, November 2012Fujitsu "ARROWS"
September 2010Meiji "Meiji Milk Chocolate"
April 2010, June 2011Kirin Beverages "OTONA NO KIRIN LEMON"
March 2010, June 2011ROHTO Pharmaceutical "ROHTO Zi"
2009Meiji "Fran"
2009Toyota Motor "WISH"




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