May 6, 1997


He stood out in "VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION 5 ~To Young People with Dreams~", which was held from May to December in 2017 and gathered about 30,000 participants, and joined FANTASTICS as a vocalist.
From April to June of 2018, "Musha Shugyo FANTASTIC 9" was held as a preparation for the group's official debut. Even though it was before their debut, the members presented 78 shows at 33 venues across Japan and drew about 75,000 viewers.
On December 5, 2018, the group officially debuted with the song "OVER DRIVE".

In 2021, he started his acting career by playing one of the lead roles for the first time in the drama "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN".

Main works with his appearances include the drama "Bakayarou no Kiss" (2022), the stage play "NOUNAI POISONBERRY" (2022), the movie "Ichikei's Crow - The Criminal Court Judges" (2023), the drama "Numaru. Minatoku Joshi Kousei" (2023), the drama "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN" Season 2 (2023), the movie "Movie MY BEAUTIFUL MAN ~eternal~" (2023), the drama "My Host Club Inheritance" (2023), the drama "18/40: Unbreakable Bond of Dreams" (2023) and other works.

In September 2022, he won the "Outstanding Asian Star Prize" (with the drama "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN") at the "Seoul International Drama Awards 2022", the winner of which was selected by fans across the world from 175 actors and actresses who performed enthusiastically in works of five Asian countries and regions.
In December, He won the "Best New Actor Award" and received "Topic Actor Pair Award" with Riku Hagiwara who is another co-star of the drama "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN" at "WEIBO Account Festival 2022".

In 2023, he won the "Outstanding Asian Star Prize" again at "Seoul International Drama Awards 2023", making him the first celebrity to win this award for 2 consecutive years since the establishment of the awards.
The 1st photo book "CONTACT", which was released on April 26, 2023, has sold over 100,000 copies.
From April to September, he challenged to be an MC for the first time on "Yonayona Fushigi no Yakata Nite ~Onzoushi Yagi Yusei Kara no Shoutaijyou~ supported by Genshin" which was the first program named after him.
He ranked 1st in the NOW category of "ViVi National Treasure Level Handsome 2023 (the second half)" published in December.
Apart from activities as an artist, he is also expanding his activities to various fields.



2023.4.7"Movie MY BEAUTIFUL MAN ~eternal~" as So Kiyoi
2023.1.13"Ichikei's Crow - The Criminal Court Judges" as Kotaro Ueki
2022.9.9"HiGH & LOW THE WORST X" as Magoroku Yamaguchi


2023.4~9BS Asahi "Yonayona Fushigi no Yakata Nite ~Onzoushi Yagi Yusei Kara no Shoutaijyou~ supported by Genshin"
2022.3TV Asahi "What's Wrong with Being Wily?"


2024.1~3Fuji TV "Marriage Hunter" as Kusoo Yamada
2023.10~12TV TOKYO Drama 8 "HYENA" as Itsuki Tanihara
2023.7~9TBS Tuesday Drama "18/40: Unbreakable Bond of Dreams" as Kosuke Aso
2023.4~7Kansai TV / Fuji TV Tuesday drama★Eleven "My Host Club Inheritance" as Masato
2023.2~3NTV Z Drama "Numaru. Minatoku Joshi Kousei" as Ren Sonomiya
*"LOVE DEATHMATCH Kokuhoukyuu Kareshi Audition", a story within the drama, to be unveiled on streaming sites at the same time.

2023.2MBS / TBS Dramais "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN" as So Kiyoi
2022.8~9NTV Z Drama "Bakayarou no Kiss" as Ren Sonomiya
*The work "Yarinaoshitai First Kiss" in the drama to be also simultaneously streamed

2021.11~12MBS DORAMA TOKKU "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN" as one of the main characters So Kiyoi
2020.10~11NTV "MANNEQUIN NIGHT FEVER" as Neccho


2023.8~9Stage play "BACK TO THE MEMORIES PART3"
2022.8~9Stage play "NOUNAI POISONBERRY" as Yoshida
2022.4~5Stage play "BACK TO THE MEMORIES PART2"
2021.4~7Stage play "BACK TO THE MEMORIES"


2023.4.26Yusei Yagi's 1st photo book "CONTACT" (WANI BOOKS)


2023.12Hawaiian jewelry brand "IRIEBEACH" (web commercial "Kizamu")


5th Best Formal Wear Award  Kimono Knight
Seoul Drama Awards 2023  Outstanding Asian Star Prize (Drama: "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN")
WEIBO Account Festival 2022  Best New Actor Award / Topic Actor Pair Awar
Seoul Drama Awards 2022  Outstanding Asian Star Prize (Drama: "MY BEAUTIFUL MAN")


2023.8~Samantha Global "Samantha Beauty Project" Ambassador
2022.5~AXXZIA "THE B MAISON" Ambassador


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