"CL", an ultimate entertainment service packed with LDH content, offers LDH's original programs live streams of artists and other content which you can freely enjoy on your smartphone, tablet PC and PC anytime.


In addition to the latest information on EXILE, rare backstage photos, blog with photos updated by the artists themselves and vlogs will also be presented to you♪

Apart from the latest information about J SOUL BROTHERS III, GEKIDAN EXILE, GENERATIONS, THE RAMPAGE, FANTASTICS and BALLISTIK BOYZ there is also original content that is only available on EXILE TRIBE mobile site!

Apart from the latest information of artists, there are also members' blogs, behind-the-scenes photos, event reports and other original contents only available on LDH Girls mobile♪

Apart from information about artists such as DEEP SQUAD, DOBERMAN INFINITY, m-flo, MIYAVI, Crystal Kay, etc., there is also content about models and actors such as Mayumi Sada, Seri Iwahori, RIKACO and others♪



It is a comprehensive entertainment magazine presented from various angles which contains special features on the activities of EXILE and EXILE TRIBE members as well as series created by the members themselves.

EXILE HIRO, COO of LDH WORLD, is the editor-in-chief while the EXILE members and the EXILE TRIBE members are in charge of project planning and editing.
This magazine presents various information about entertainment such as music, movies, stage plays and fashion.
The magazine has high-quality images and contents that the reader will feel satisfied with.
You could get to know better the personality of the members (more) through seeing their true selves which have never been shown before and new forms of presentation.
By pursuing new forms of presentation that are different from other media, we will find new possibilities of entertainment.
We aim to build "LOVE, DREAM, HAPPINESS" bonds between the members and readers i.e. fans.




LOOK BOOK KEITA MACHIDA / SEVEN FINGERED PIANIST ~Dorobou to no Episode~ Gohei Nishikawa × Toshio Matsumoto / The Hound of the Baskervilles Dean Fujioka×Takanori Iwata / RENOVATION LIKE MAGIC HOKUTO YOSHINO / SWAY LIVE TOUR 2022 “Stay Wild And Young” / 『iCON Z 2022 ~Dream For Children~』Final Stage / LIL LEAGUE etc.


iCON Z Dreams For Children

LDH JAPAN's largest audition "iCON Z ~Dreams For Children~"
with the keyword "Z" coming from the best, greatest and ultimate Generation Z
is a talent scouting & production project launched
to create a new future for entertainment.

The new program "~Yume no Audition Variety~ Dreamer Z"
started airing from 21:00 on October 24, 2021 (Sun.)!
From 21:00 every Sunday on TV TOKYO