【Coming tomorrow!!】The second part of the CINEMA FIGHTERS project - "Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-" will be released nationwide on 6/22 (Fri.)!!

The second part of
the CINEMA FIGHTERS project - "Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-"
will be released nationwide
on 6/22 (Fri.)!!

Trailer has been unveiled!!

<-CINEMA FIGHTERS project-> is a project combining poetry, music and movies. The latest work "Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-"will be shown on Asia's largest international short film festival "Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia" which is accredited by the Academy Awards. SSFF & ASIA will celebrate its 20th anniversary this year and the 6 short films will be shown nationwide from 6/22 (Fri.)!

6 songs inspired by 6 poems are performed by 6 groups of artists, including EXILE TAKAHIRO, J Soul Brothers III from EXILE TRIBE, GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE, JAY'ED & Reina Washio, DANCE EARTH PARTY and DEEP. 6 directors show their imagery of the songs respectively!

The thoughts of artists playing the lead roles in 6 short films are condensed into "6 drops of tears". Music and stories are well combined to move all viewers.
In the trailer, the lead actors strongly miss the important people who are not by their side and they make unremitting efforts to protect their important things. The strong feelings of all characters who endeavor to live their life are presented to you in this touching work!
You can also see these characters who have their own worries and secrets on posters. The work presents you a dramatic stories brought by a star-studded lineup of artists!

In celebration of the release of this work movie cards with bonus started to be sold from 5/5 (Sat. & Holiday)!
A movie card campaign is scheduled to be held for its purchasers! Lucky winners will be chosen from the purchasers by lottery and they will be invited to a stage greeting event of this work!

Stay tuned♪

Release celebration Stage Greeting Event


Director & scriptwriter: Daishi Matsunaga
Original song / Theme song: "Canaria" by EXILE TAKAHIRO
Cast: TAKAHIRO, Kaho, Haruki Takano, Shinya Tsukamoto


Director & scriptwriter: Yuya Ishii
Original song / Theme song: "Tokyo" by J Soul Brothers III from EXILE TRIBE
Cast: Takanori Iwata, Sosuke Ikematsu, Koki Maeda, Tateto Serizawa, Takuya Okane, Karen Miyama, Hiroko Isayama, Kumiko Asou


Director & scriptwriter: Momoko Ando
Original song / Theme song: "Nanimo kamo ga Setsunai" by GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE
Cast: Alan Shirahama, Akari Kinoshita, Toshimi Hayashi, Eiji Okuda


Director & scriptwriter: Isamu Hirabayashi
Original song / Theme song: "Ano Ko no Trunk" by DANCE EARTH PARTY
Cast: Anna Ishii, Nonoka Yamaguchi, Nozomi Bando, Akaji Maro, Mariko Tsutsui, Yusuke Hirayama, Naoto Nojima

■Our Birthday

Director & scriptwriter: Yuki Saito
Original song / Theme song: "How about your love?" by JAY'ED & Reina Washio
Cast: Sho Aoyagi, Aimi Satsukawa, Randy Jackson, Sei Ashina, Kimiko Yo

■Genkou no Hate

Director & scriptwriter: Tsukasa Kishimoto
Original song / Theme song: "Baby Shine" by DEEP
Cast: Kenjiro Yamashita, Eriko Nakamura, Yuuki Oshiro, Masaya Kato

"Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-"
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【Release Date】
6/22 (Fri.)

【Executive producer】
【Project producer】
Tetsuya Bessho
【Concept producer】
Masato Odake

【Official Homepage】