EXILE AKIRA's 1st autobiography "THE FOOL Gusha no Tamashii" will be released in August!

1st autobiography "THE FOOL Gusha no Tamashii"
will be released in August!

EXILE AKIRA is writing an autobiography depicting the story of his life so far.
It will be sold in bookstores around Japan from late August of 2018.

In those days, only "anger" was the proof of my existence...
"I don't want to go back." He takes a look back and fully reveals his past. Here comes EXILE AKIRA's first autobiography.
"THE FOOL Gusha no Tamashii"

<Book Info>
●AKIRA's history before he joined EXILE was revealed for the first time
As AKIRA himself wrote in this book, "I have never talked about my past so far." He has not revealed much details from his early childhood to the days before joining EXILE.
In this book released at the timing of EXILE restarting its activities in 2018, he fully reveals everything that makes AKIRA who he is today, including his birthplace, episodes of his early childhood, memories of his family and boyhood friends, frustration in the soccer club as a student aiming at a professional career, his first time going to Tokyo, and times he was on the verge of death. And he even talks about the reason why he has never mentioned about his past.
In addition, AKIRA also gives a genuine description of his agony, impatience and jealousy when "he was nobody" before joining EXILE.

●Behind the spectacular success
After a period of obscurity, AKIRA debuted on the stage of Nippon Budokan on September 22, 2006 and started his activities as an EXILE member. After that, he expanded his range of activities as an actor, and also activities as a performer...... Following the retirement of EXILE HIRO, MATSU, ÜSA and MAKIDAI from the performer squad, AKIRA then decided to join EXILE THE SECOND. EXILE also restarted its activities. AKIRA's behind-the-scenes stories during the 12 years after joining EXILE will be unveiled for the first time.

●Over 30 new photos are included!
More than 30 photographs of AKIRA newly shot by the up-and-coming Polish photographer Maciej Kucia are included.

<EXILE AKIRA's Comment>
I will publish my autobiography someday... I have had this idea for a long time. Then I got the offer of writing my autobiography from Mainichi Shimbun Publishing. I was touched by their enthusiasm and decided to reveal my past without keeping anything back.
By revealing my history which I have never revealed to the world, I could summarize my life so far and proceed to the next stage, which is a good thing for me. As an individual and a member of EXILE, I will keep on taking on challenges in the future. Taking this autobiography as an opportunity, I hope I can make a further leap forward to open up the future.

"THE FOOL Gusha no Tamashii"
sample pages

"THE FOOL Gusha no Tamashii"
◆Release date: Late August in 2018
◆Price: 1,500 yen (tax not included)
◆Mainichi Shimbun Publishing Inc.