【Starring AKIRA × Nao Omori!】Promo video of the movie "KONOMICHI" has been unveiled!

Starring AKIRA × Nao Omori!!
Promo video of the movie "KONOMICHI" has been unveiled!

<100th anniversary of the birth of this children's song>
Promo video of the movie "KONOMICHI" starring Nao Omori and AKIRA has been unveiled!

The 1st promo video has been unveiled before the movie release in January next year. The promo video features the good-for-nothing and unemployed Hakushu Kitahara (Nao Omori), the diligent and industrious Kosaku Yamada (AKIRA) and other splendid actors. You can predict a story with ups and downs between Hakushu and Kosaku. You will feel the deep bonds between the two in the scene where they hug in the latter half of the video. It is a promo video that raise the expectations of the movie.

Moreover, new cast members have been unveiled!
Saori Yuki and Sachiko Yasuda who have sung children's songs for many years will play singers who sing "Karatachi no Hana" during the radio broadcast!

"Children's songs" created by Hakushu Kitahara and Kosaku Yamada touched the hearts of the Japanese people, and then became the songs of Japan and the spiritual home of Japanese people. They are still popular even after 100 years. It is a path taken by Hakushu Kitahara who has never been portrayed in a movie before... Though fooled by time, Hakushu lived a free and bold life. What kind of life did he lead? His songs transcend space and time and are popular even 100 years later. Behind these famous songs are stories that still resonate with people in the modern world...
Please look forward to an excellent human film "KONOMICHI" that brings out your melancholy, laughter, and emotions!

The movie will be released nationwide in January 2019!!!

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