【To be released on 4/30 (Tue.)】EXILE ATSUSHI's "TRADITIONAL BEST"

will be released on 4/30/2019 (Tue.)!

EXILE ATSUSHI will celebrate his 39th birthday on 4/30 (Tue.) which is his last birthday in the Heisei era. On that day, he will release the greatest hits album "TRADITIONAL BEST" which is themed on "Japanese heart"!

EXILE ATSUSHI has been carrying out music activities in a variety of forms as a solo artist, a member of EXILE and RED DIAMOND DOGS.

As an artist born in Japan, he cares about his homeland Japan and people living in Japan.
Thus he put forward the theme "Japanese heart" and has been engaging in various activities under that theme so far.

He sang the celebrating song in the National Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty The Emperor's Accession to the Throne in 2009.
He also performed on various commemorative ceremonies in Japan and overseas, such as the 40th Anniversary of ASEAN-Japan Friendship and Cooperation Event "ASEAN-Japan Music Festival ~Pray for Earthquake Disaster Reconstruction~", the 45th Anniversary of Diplomatic Relations between Japan and Vietnam Event "Japan - Vietnam Music Festival" and "Embassy of Israel Presents The 70th Anniversary of Israel Celebration Concert".
What's more, as Ministry of Justice Correction Support Adviser, he has visited correction institutions such as penitentiaries and juvenile reformatories to carry out comforting activities.

He cherishes those songs that have been sung since long ago in Japan. He sang the children's song "Furusato" to celebrate the birth of his friend's child and covered Hibari Misora's "Aisansan" which is a Japanese ballad with a long history.
He produced "Zange" and "Amaoto" with Japan's leading musician Joe Hisaishi and "Soredemo, Ikiteyuku" with genius pianist Nobuyuki Tsujii. He also created songs such as "Michishirube" and "Kirameki no Uta" by himself. He wrote the designated song for Junior High School Division of "The 81st Nationwide Contest of Music sponsored by NHK" called "Sakura no Kisetsu".

The greatest hits album "TRADITIONAL BEST" is scheduled to include 13 songs which he keeps singing with love in his heart. These songs also embody ATSUSHI's "Japanese heart".
The movie "KONOMICHI" starring EXILE AKIRA and Nao Omori which depicts the historical events happened 100 years ago when children's song "Kono Michi" was born will be screened nationwide on 1/11 (Fri.). The theme song "Kono Michi" will be put on this album for the first time!
Moreover, the DVD also contains the music videos for 9 songs!

The greatest hits album "TRADITIONAL BEST" is filled with ATSUSHI's love and wishes.

【Product Info】
to be released on 4/30/2019 (Tue.)

【Product Format】
CD+DVD 3,980 yen
CD 2,980 yen
*First Edition is available. (Details will be announced once finalized.)

・Kono Michi
・Kirameki no Uta
・Zange / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
・Amaoto / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
・Soredemo, Ikiteyuku / EXILE ATSUSHI & Nobuyuki Tsujii
・Kotoba ni Dekinai
・Sakura no Kisetsu
・Michishirube -Orchestra Ver.-

・Kono Michi (Music Video)
・Furusato (Music Video)
・Kirameki no Uta (Music Video)
・Aisansan (Music Video)
・Zange (Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
・Michishirube (Music Video)
・Amaoto (Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
・Soredemo, Ikiteyuku (Music Video) / EXILE ATSUSHI & Nobuyuki Tsujii
・Sakura no Kisetsu (Music Video)

*Tracklist is subject to change.
*Songs are listed in random order.