<Trailer & poster unveiled!>★TAKAHIRO's first lead role★【To be shown nationwide from 5/10 (Fri.)】Movie "Boku ni, Aitakatta"

★TAKAHIRO's first lead role★
The movie "Boku ni, Aitakatta"
will be shown nationwide from 5/10 (Fri.)!


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TAKAHIRO will play his first ever lead role in the movie "Boku ni, Aitakatta" which will be shown nationwide from 5/10 (Fri.)

The movie is about Toru Ikeda (TAKAHIRO), a fisherman with excellent skills who is one of the best on the island but loses his memory in an accident. He feels the kindness of the islanders and discovers his new self. It is a touching story about the recovery of family connections.

Actress Keiko Matsuzaka plays a mother who is dedicated to supporting the hero Toru played by TAKAHIRO. Her fantastic performance in NHK's serial TV novel "Manpuku" is still fresh in our memory.
The gentle physician who is always with the hero Toru is played by the famous supporting actor Mantaro Koichi who has appeared in a number of works. The student "coming to study on the island" is played by young actress Mayu Yamaguchi who has appeared in the drama "Konodori" and "AIBOU: The Movie IV" and attracted much attention due to her excellent acting skills. Young actor Mizuki Itagaki who appeared in the movie "Solomon's Perjury Part 1 & Part 2", "HIBIKI", etc. and grabbed great attention this year and other fresh faces will also join the cast.

This movie is directed by Yoshinari Nishikori who won the Grad Prix - Soleil d'Or KINOTAYO at "KINOTAYO Film Festival 2010", the largest festival of Japanese cinema in France. He has directed "RAILWAYS -49-sai de Densha no Untenshi ni Natta Otoko no Monogatari-" starring Kiichi Nakai (2010), "TATARA SAMURAI" which won the award for the Best Artistic Contribution in the world competition at Montreal World Film Festival and many other movies the story of which set in Shimane Prefecture.

In addition, GEKIDAN EXILE's Shintaro Akiyama who appeared in numerous movies and dramas including the "HiGH & LOW" series and stage plays and served as the associate producer of the movie "jam" (2018) will be a producer and co-write of the script.

TAKAHIRO plays the hero Toru with a stubbly beard and in fisherman's clothes. After losing his memory he is anxious about the "blankness" of 12 years, but also trying his best to live while struggling to regain memory!
Can Toru regain the "lost memory" with the help from his mother (Keiko Matsuzaka) who is always there to take care of him and through the contact with the kind-hearted islanders?

【TAKAHIRO's Comment】
It is my first time to do filming on the Oki Islands. Surrounded by rich nature, with a wonderful cast and staff crew, I had a very memorable filming experience.
Although there were some difficulties, I think we created a wonderful heartwarming work with the great cooperation of the local people.

Mayu Yamaguchi
Kyoka Shibata
Mizuki Itagaki
Seishuu Uragami
Karin Ono
Yuko Miyamoto
Yoshiko Yoshino
Saya Kawamura
Yoichiro Saito
Hiroshi Shimizu
Yorie Yamashita
Shintaro Akiyama
Mei Kurokawa
Mantaro Koichi
Keiko Matsuzaka
Yoshinari Nishikori
【Executive Director】
Yoshinari Nishikori
Shintaro Akiyama
Eishi Segawa
Masato Kaneko
Sosuke Yoshikado
Masami Nishioka
Jun Kuriyagawa
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