★Latest images unveiled & additional songs and music videos will be included★【To be released on 4/30 (Tue.)】"TRADITIONAL BEST" by EXILE ATSUSHI

will be released on 4/30 (Tue.)!

EXILE ATSUSHI's latest photos and cover image of the album "TRADITIONAL BEST" scheduled for release on 4/30 (Tue.) have been unveiled!

Moreover, additional songs and music videos will be included. All the recorded content of "TRADITIONAL BEST" has been announced!

The additional songs that have been included are "Warabigami", originally sung by the legendary Okinawa singer Koja Misako, and "Negai" from ATSUSHI's 1st Album "Solo". In 2014, ATSUSHI performed "Warabigami" in the Okinawa show of EXILE ATSUSHI LIVE TOUR 2014 "Music". He hopes that "well-liked children's songs in the Meiji period and the Taisho period as well as popular songs of the Showa period and the Heisei period can be sung in the new era." Based on such a thought, ATSUSHI recorded the song on his album.

In addition, the "-C.BECHSTEIN ver.-" of "Furusato" and the "-TRADITIONAL BEST ver.-" of "Ito" are also included in the album after rearrangement.
"Furusato" is rearranged with a piano produced by a German company called C.BECHSTEIN, pianos of which are regarded as "the Stradivarius of the Piano". Recorded with the world's best musical instrument, the song "Furusato" was reborn in this "-C.BECHSTEIN ver.-"!

This album includes 15 songs which EXILE ATSUSHI keeps singing with love in his heart. These songs also embody "the soul of Japan"!

Plus, the DVD contains the music videos for 10 songs including "Negai".
ATSUSHI wrote the lyrics for the newly added song "Negai" in the car on his way back home after he sang the celebration song as an EXILE member in the National Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty The Emperor's Accession to the Throne 10 years ago. Here is ATSUSHI's message about his thoughts at that time!

I sang the celebration song in the National Celebration for the 20th Anniversary of His Majesty The Emperor's Accession to the Throne.
And in the car on my way back home, Michael Jackson who passed away a while ago suddenly came to my mind.

Singing the celebration song in the presence of the Emperor and the Empress
sparked an idea in my mind.

I appreciate all awards and honor I received
but, as time passes, they become just a glimpse of the past.
What actions should I take with the award and honor in mind...
I became aware of that and felt a sense of responsibility.

Even though I am not as good as Michael Jackson, and not as great as he is,
I must now have a willingness to contribute. It is not enough to just make my own dream come true. I felt so from the bottom of my heart.

I love people, I am grateful to people, I love the earth, I am grateful to the earth,
and now it is my turn to protect the smiles of the children. That were my thoughts.
And in the car, I had been writing the lyrics without a break
which became a song called "Negai".

I do not remember how long it took, but I finished it in a moment of inspiration.
I still remember when I wrote the lyrics of "Negai",
it was a special moment when my way of living changed.


to be released on 4/30/2019 (Tue.)

【Product Type】
RZCD-86817/B 3,980 yen + tax

RZCD-86818 2,980 yen + tax

【Tracklist of the CD】
1. Furusato -C.BECHSTEIN ver.-
2. Akatombo
3. Michishirube
4. Soredemo, Ikiteyuku / EXILE ATSUSHI & Nobuyuki Tsujii
5. Zange / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
6. Amaoto / EXILE ATSUSHI & Joe Hisaishi
7. Kirameki no Uta
8. Aisansan
10. Kotoba ni Dekinai
11. Sakura no Kisetsu
12. Kono Michi
13. Michishirube -Orchestra ver.-
14. Warabigami
15. Negai -Album ver.-

【Content of the DVD】
1. Furusato (Music Video)
2. Michishirube (Music Video)
3. Soredemo, Ikiteyuku (Music Video)
4. Zange (Music Video)
5. Amaoto (Music Video)
6. Kirameki no Uta (Music Video)
7. Aisansan (Music Video)
8. Sakura no Kisetsu (Music Video)
9. Kono Michi (Music Video)
10. Negai (Music Video)