★LDH CLUB★【To be held on 9/7 (Sat.)】Details of SAKE CLUB's first event!

Here are the details of SAKE CLUB's first event!
We hope you can confirm the following details and notice before making applications.

<Message from Kenchi Tachibana>
I think sake has an incredible power that can make people closely connected to each other. Savoring sake is a type of entertainment to me. I hope to exchange the charm of sake that Japanese people are proud of with all of you during the event.

9/7 (Sat.)

【Assembling Time】
17:30 (schedule to end at 20:30)
*Please be advised that the assembling time is subject to change.

Somewhere in Tokyo

【Attendee Number】

【Appearing Member】
Kenchi Tachibana

The event invites Yusuke Sato, the president of Aramasa Shuzo. Everyone can savor the sake while learning the basic knowledge of it.

【Ticket Price】
10,800 yen (tax included)
*Include food and drinks

【Eligible Applicants】
People who are both SAKE CLUB members and EXILE TRIBE FAMILY members (the member himself/herself)
*Members of SAKE CLUB need to be over 20 years old (can drink alcohol).
*Members cannot come with companions.
*Only members who can attend the event for sure can make applications.

【How to apply】
Please make applications at the member page of EXILE TRIBE FAMILY site.

★Deadline of application: 8/14 (Wed.) 10:00
Event details will be sent via emails to winners before 21:00 on 8/23 (Fri.).
Members cannot cancel their winning right.
*If members do not receive emails from fan club by that time, please check out MY PAGE of the fan club site.