★LDH CLUB★ Details of the COFFEE Club's 1st event unveiled!

Details of the COFFEE Club's 1st event have been unveiled!
If you want to attend this event, please confirm the following details and notice before making an application.

【Message From EXILE TETSUYA】
Welcome to AMAZING COFFEE↑↑↑

Members of the COFFEE Club! Our party is about to begin!!

Coffee beans from Costa Rica will be brought by AMAZING COFFEE for the first time! Let's celebrate it and try these beans on this festival ahead of others!

In order to let all COFFEE Club members fully enjoy AMAZING COFFEE WORLD, all the staff members will do their best to offer a high-quality service! Be sure to come and have fun!!

Please also learn the AMAZING COFFEE song~ yo (^o^)v

9/21 (Sat.)

【Gathering Time】
★1st Event★
16:00 (scheduled to end at 18:30)

★2nd Event★
19:00 (scheduled to end at 21:30)

*The gathering time is subject to change.

Somewhere in Tokyo

【Number of Attendees】
380 (190 × 2 events)

【Participating Member】

6,000 yen (tax not included)
*Including fee for food and drinks

【Eligible Attendees】
EXILE TRIBE FAMILY members who joined the COFFEE Club (only members themselves)
*Companions cannot attend this event.
*Only members who can attend the event for sure can make applications.

【How to apply】
Please make an application on the member page of the EXILE TRIBE FAMILY site.

【Application Deadline】
9/2 (Mon.) 10:00