【On sale from 12/1 (Wed.)!】A special collaboration by "EXILE TAKAHIRO 'I Believe' × AMAZING COFFEE"!

゜・*:.。. 12/1 (Wed.) .。.:*・゜
★☆Special Collaboration☆★

This Christmas, there will be a special collaboration between AMAZING COFFEE and the latest work "I Believe" of the < EXILE RESPECT > series where EXILE TAKAHIRO releases covers of EXILE's songs.

A rich lineup of drinks, food and items inspired by "I Believe" will be waiting for you. Please check out the following details (^o^)v

I Believe ~AMAZING Kuri Sumasu~ (Hot / Iced) ¥700 (tax included)

Cassis is added into cafe latte inspired by Mont Blanc! It is a wonderful Christmas drink for this season!
The topping is finished with cassis whipped cream and crispy crepe! Moreover, powdered sugar which is just like fine snow is sprinkled on the top!
Enjoy the wonderful taste of marron × cassis that will bring a slightly mature feeling!

I Believe Ice Cupcake ~Koi Kogare Yukimi Daifuku~ ¥500 (tax included)

This Brulee cupcake with a wonderful taste luxuriously uses soft "Yukimi Daifuku", which celebrated the 40th anniversary of its release this year
Delicious "Yukimi Daifuku" is coated with brown sugar and roasted with a burner to add aroma!
Moreover, espresso is also added in order to create a rich flavor!
Be sure to try this cupcake that goes perfectly well with the lyrics of "I Believe".

~Each customer who purchases the drink or food will receive a random "collaboration coaster" for each purchase he/she makes~
*Please note that the collaboration coasters are only available while supplies last.

ORIGINAL BOTTLE ~I Believe~ ¥4,800 (tax included)

Here comes a 500ml bottle featuring the new illustration by EXILE TAKAHIRO in the painting project held last year!
With excellent heat & cold preservation function, it is indispensable in the following seasons!
Since it has a handle, it is easy for you to take it. Therefore, you can take it with you when you go to work or school every day.
Why not take this chance to start your MY BOTTLE LIFE?

☆Customers who come to AMAZING COFFEE with their MY BOTTLEs can enjoy a ¥50 (tax included) discount for all drinks☆

100g ¥1,300 (tax included) / 150g ¥1,800 (tax included) / 200g ¥2,400 (tax included)

Medium roast blend coffee beans from Ethiopia, Colombia and Guatemala are perfect for Christmas!
This wonderful blend with a smooth & sweet taste features the flavors which are reminiscent of red wine and raspberry!
Enjoy the "perfect combination" of COFFEE×SWEETS!
*The red ver. and the green ver. will be sold at random.
*Only "150g" will be sold in stores.

【On-sale Day】
12/1/2021 (Wed.)
*The products will be on sale in AMAZING COFFEE ONLINE from 12:00.

【Eligible Stores】
*The drink and the food will not be sold in AMAZING COFFEE ONLINE.

This time, a collaboration between EXILE RESPECT "I Believe" to be digitally released on 12/24 (Fri.) and AMAZING COFFEE will be carried out!

I hope the drink, food and collaboration products inspired by "I Believe" can make AMAZING COFFEE more attractive in the Christmas season this year.

The new illustration drawn by me is printed on the AMAZING COFFEE bottle that I use in my daily life. It is really a wonderful collaboration item!
The food is created in collaboration with my favorite ice cream "Yukimi Daifuku".
And the drink is the most excellent product produced after we sampled it repeatedly.

I tried to explore more and made repeated trials together with TETSUYA and the staff from AMAZING COFFEE. With the help of many people, we will roll out many wonderful collaboration products. Please enjoy them!

"I Believe" from "EXILE RESPECT"
will be digitally released at 00:00 on 12/24/2021 (Fri.)!

*For details about "I Believe" from "EXILE RESPECT" by EXILE TAKAHIRO, please visit the following page.

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