Bread "NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN AMAZING COFFEE" will be on sale around from 4/1 (Fri.). This bread was jointly created by "AMAZING COFFEE" produced by EXILE TETSUYA and the cat-shaped high-class bread specialty store "NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN" operated by All Hearts Company Inc. which has bakeries and patisseries stores all around Japan.

There are two types of bread: one made using coffee dough mixing AMAZING COFFEE's representative blended beans "AMAZING BLEND" with chocolate chips and another one made using a plain dough kneaded with 100% milk!
You can enjoy the bitterness of coffee as well as the cacao taste of chocolate chips and the milky taste of the dough.

Please enjoy the tasty NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN that spreads the aroma and taste of coffee in your mouth together with a cup of coffee.

Besides NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN stores,
you can purchase this bread with a coffee flavor in set with the plain bread in the official online store of All Hearts Company Inc. (ALL HEARTS MALL: https://allhearts-mall.jp/).
*The bread with a coffee flavor is available in the online store only in set.

We also recommend these products as gifts to friends who live far away and usually difficult to meet as well as those who like coffee.

This time, the products will also be sold in a limited quantity in the pop-up store opened in "HEART BREAD ANTIQUE" in AEON MALL KITATODA in advance from 3/14 (Mon.).

Be sure to enjoy the "special NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN" that can only be enjoyed now!

【Sales Period】
4/1 (Fri.) ~ 4/30 (Sat.)

★Advance sales in AEON MALL KITATODA★
3/14 (Mon.) ~ 3/21 (Mon.)
Everyday 12:00~ / 16:00~
*Since the products are provided in a limited quantity, they are only available while supplies last.

【Product Name】

【Price (stores)】
¥842 (tax included) per item
*Prices are different in some stores and the online store.
*The products will not be sold in AMAZING COFFEE ONLINE.
*All images are for reference only.

【Sales Stores】
●NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN stores around Japan
●Official Online Store of All Hearts Company Inc. (ALL HEARTS MALL: https://allhearts-mall.jp/)
*The products will not be sold in some stores.


It is a cat-shaped high-class bread specialty store that uses only 100% milk without any water. Since its opening amid the high-class bread boom in 2019, the store has been a hot topic on social media and other media.

Not just appearance. In pursuit of the taste, no water is used for baking this bread, only milk. As for the wheat, it is made with locally sourced wheat flour. Apart from honey, cream and butter, it also uses mascarpone cheese as a secret ingredient. Only one bite will bring you a slightly sweet taste and a melt-in-the-mouth taste of milk. It is a delicious authentic bread.

Not only can you eat it as it is, but you can also use it as a cute decoration. People of all ages, from children to adults can enjoy it. Since its opening, the store has become a high-class bread specialty store loved by many customers, the number of searches on the Internet has constantly increased and it has won an award in the food category at the "Yahoo! Search Award 2020" in 2020.

Even if you eat NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN as it is, you can enjoy its milky taste.

You can draw a face with a chocolate pen and decorate NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN full of wonders and smiles. Depending on your arrangement, you can make the one and only NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN in the world. Please try to make your own "cat".
*All images are for reference only.

*NEKO NEKO SHOKUPAN Official Accounts*
■Official Homepage: https://nekoshoku.allhearts.company
■Official Twitter: @neko_shoku
■Official Instagram: @nekoneko_shokupan
■Official TikTok: @neko_shoku

*AMAZING COFFEE Official Accounts*
■Official Homepage: https://www.amazingcoffee.jp/
■Official Twitter: @amazingcoffee__
■Official Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/amazing_coffee_official/?hl=ja