【To be held on 6/4 (Sat.)】<Event details & schedule unveiled>EXILE TETSUYA & EXILE SHOKICHI appearing at "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022"!

EXILE TETSUYA, EXILE SHOKICHI, Hayato Komori, Shohei Urakawa and MIYAVI will appear at "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022" which will be held at Hibiya Park on 6/3 (Fri.), 6/4 (Sat.) & 6/5 (Sun.)!

EXILE TETSUYA, Hayato Komori and Shohei Urakawa will appear at the workshop & talk show KADAN to be held in the Second Flower Garden of Hibiya Park from 11:45 on 6/4 (Sat.)
and EXILE SHOKICHI and MIYAVI will appear at YAON Hibiya Dream Session 2 to be held in Large Concert Hall of Hibiya Park from 19:00 on the same day!

Besides, the schedule for the 3-day event and its live stream as well as details about concerts, workshops and booth exhibitions have been unveiled!
There are 5 stages at the venue, and you can fully enjoy music of different genres every day.
Also, in order to let more people enjoy the music of "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022", it will be live-streamed for 2 days!
In the live stream, you can enjoy various contents online from multiple angles through 3 channels as if you are at the venue.
Catch-up service will be also available!
Even when the performances are over, you can still enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the event with the free trial streaming.
(*Some parts of the event and some performances of artists will not be live-streamed.)

In addition, the crowdfunding campaign "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022 | For creating a music festival together" is underway!

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about the crowdfunding campaign

Be sure to check it out!

6/3 (Fri.) 18:00 ~ 20:00
6/4 (Sat.), 6/5 (Sun.)11:00 ~ 20:30 (tentative)
*The event will carry on even if it rains, but will be canceled in case of stormy weather or disaster. However, in case of rainy weather, the event may be suspended temporarily or canceled depending on the circumstance of the venue.
*The holding method may be changed depending on the spread of COVID-19.

・Hibiya Park (Hibiya Park, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)
Large Concert Hall (open-air concert hall) / Small Concert Hall / Elm Tree Field / Second Flower Garden / Fountain Square / Hibiya Library & Museum Large Hall & Small Hall (tentative)
・Satellite venue: TOKYO MIDTOWN HIBIYA (1-1-2 Yuraku-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo)

Free admission and participation

【Performers on 6/4 (Sat.)】
■YAON (Hibiya Park Large Concert Hall)
・Hibiya Dream Session 1
The Music Park Orchestra with SKY-HI, Def Tech, Seiko Niizuma, Future Music Power (Hirari Sato, RIO, YOYOKA), YOYOKA
Reception MC: DJ Dainoji

・Hibiya Dream Session 2
The Music Park Orchestra with Sayuri Ishikawa, EXILE SHOKICHI, HIBIYA BROADWAY (Yoshio Inoue, Takanori Sato (LE VELVETS), Haruka Kinoshita) with Shiki Theatre, MIYAVI, yano et agatsuma
Reception MC: DJ Dainoji

■ONGAKUDO (Hibiya Park Small Concert Hall)
el tempo, Susumu Nishikawa, Polaris, Minyo Crusaders, Ryusei

■Workshop & talk show KADAN (Hibiya Park Second Flower Garden)
EXILE TETSUYA with EXPG, Ellie Omiya, GAKU-MC, ~Kikaseya. Keitaro~, Creepy Nuts

ATSUSHI TAKAHASHI × Kosuke Tsuji, Hirokazu Ogura, Sola ni Abula meets CruCruCirqueDX with HISASHI & Yoko Utsumi, Minyo Koderanni

Asihan, Shota Aratani (yonawo), RIO

*The Music Park Orchestra members: Bass Seiji Kameda, Drums Noriyasu "Kaasuke" Kawamura, Guitar Yoshiyuki Sahashi, Keyboards Yuta Saito, Keyboards Makoto Minagawa, Cello Udai Shika, Violin Akiko Tajima, Sax Takuo Yamamoto, Trumpet Koji Nishimura, Back-vocal Odawara ODY Tomohiro


EXILE TETSUYA, Hayato Komori, Shohei Urakawa

■Event Schedule
6/4 (Sat.) 11:30 ~ 12:15

■Location & Steaming Channel
KADAN / streaming channel 2

EXILE TETSUYA presents an original workshop show!
Members from EXILE TRIBE and EXPG STUDIO will bring a fun dance time!
DJ Shohei Urakawa from THE RAMPAGE and Hayato Komori (GENERATIONS), who graduated from EXPG STUDIO and has been performing since his childhood, will also appear!
Through the choreography lecture about EXILE's representative work "Choo Choo TRAIN", they will liven up the atmosphere together with students from EXPG HIGH SCHOOL and children from EXPG STUDIO!
It is a new workshop show that you can enjoy while dancing together with everyone!
Let's create wonderful memories!

You can watch the stage performances, workshops and other parts of HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022 for free but free tickets (lottery-based distribution) are required for the following 3 stage performances in Hibiya Park Large Concert Hall "YAON".

■YAON Show Info
Hibiya Dream Session 1: 6/4 (Sat.) Open 13:30 / Start 14:15 / End 15:25 (tentative)
Hibiya Dream Session 2: 6/4 (Sat.) Open 18:00 / Start 19:00 / End 20:30 (tentative)
Hibiya Dream Session 3: 6/5 (Sun.) Open 17:30 / Start 18:30 / End 20:30 (tentative)

■Advance ticket lottery at ticket agencies
Ticket type: electronic ticket / paper ticket
Application period: 4/26 (Tue.) 12:00 ~ 5/18 (Wed.) 23:59
Lottery result announcement: 5/20 (Fri.) 15:00

■Ticket lottery on app on the event days
Ticket type: electronic ticket
Application period: 10:00 on each day ~ 2 hours before the performance starts
Lottery result announcement: 1 hour and 30 minutes before the performance starts

In addition, as a measure against the COVID-19 infection in 2022, the stages and areas other than "YAON" may also have restrictions on the number of people and require advance reservations.
Information about how to participate in each program will be published on the homepage below at a later date.

Ticket Details

【Online live stream】
Since "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022" is a music festival open to everyone, it will be live-streamed online for 3 days on the video streaming service "U-NEXT" to bring wonderful music to more people.
Any monthly member of U-NEXT can watch it and even non-members can use "31-day free trial" to enjoy the online live stream of performances and concerts of "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022" with high image quality and sound quality.
There will also be some limited programs that can only be watched in the live stream. You can fully enjoy "HIBIYA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2022" at home or anywhere in Japan.

*Some parts of the event and some performances of artists will not be live-streamed.
*Some contents are pre-recorded.

Click for details about the online live stream

【Official Homepage】