The 2nd batch of Dream Ami× Little Twin Stars collaboration goods to be sold♪

"Dream Ami × Little Twin Stars" collaboration goods were presented at Sanrio shops around Japan on 10/13 (Sun.).
The 2nd batch of items has been finalized!

Easy-to-use items such as clear file folders, tin badges (2 types) and stickers will be on sale♪
These items will be sold in advance at Sanrio Puroland in Tokyo from 12/15 (Sun.)!!

Then, these items will also be sold at Sanrio shops from 12/20 (Fri.)!

Be sure to check them out at a nearby shop!

[Dream Ami× Little Twin Stars Collaboration Goods]

【On-sale Date】
◆12/15 (Sun.)
Advance sales at Sanrio Puroland

◆12/20 (Fri.)
General sales at Sanrio shops

<Clear file folder>
¥500 + tax for each
Size: A4

<Tin badge>
2 types in total ¥500 + tax for each
Size: Width 57mm × Depth 8mm × Height 5mm

¥500 + tax for each
Size: Width 10mm ×Depth 2mm ×Height 10mm

【Shop List】
Sanrio Gift Gate Sapporo APIA Store & HELLO KITTY HAPPY FLIGHT

Sanrio Gift Gate Koshigaya AEON LakeTown kaze Store

Sanrio Gift Gate LaLaport TOKYO-BAY Store

Sanrioworld GINZA 2F, Sanrio Gift Gate Ikebukuro Store, sanrio vivitix HARAJUKU, sanrio vivitix SHIBUYA☆, Hello Kitty Japan Diver City Tokyo Plaza Store, Sanrio Puroland TS Shop

Sanrio Gift Gate Takashimaya GATE TOWER MALL Store, Sanrio Gift Gate Nagoya mozo WONDER CITY Store

Sanrio Gallery Shinsaibashi Store

Sanrio Gift Gate AEON MALL CHIKUSHINO Store, Sanrio Vivitix Tenjin Chikagai Store

Harmony Land

*The items will be sold in advance from 12/15 (Sun.) only at Sanrio Puroland TS Shop.
*You need tickets to enter Sanrio Puroland and Harmony Land if you want to make purchases at these 2 places.
*Different goods will be provided at different stores and the number of goods is also different at different stores. For details about these goods, please make inquiries to the stores.