【ZEN】Appearance on tv asahi's "Get Sports" interview, on air from 01:54 on 4/30 (Mon.)!

ZEN will appear on tv asahi's "Get Sports" interview
which will be aired from 01:54 to 03:34 on 4/30 (Mon.)!

Be sure to tune in!!

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About 86,000 people participated in the urban sports festival FISE Hiroshima this month.
Besides BMX Freestyle Park, skateboard, rock climbing and other new sports of 2020 Summer Olympics in Tokyo, there is another new competition that attracts audience's attention.
It is "Parkour".
Parkour is said to be originated in France. This sport demands strong athletes to run, jump, climb etc. in quick movements. Now it is striving to be on the list of 2024 Summer Olympics in Paris.
The eye-catching player ZEN is 24 years old.
Parkour was not a popular activity when ZEN got to know it at the age of 15, but he has been obsessed with it since then. From the interview, we can know his way from performer to athlete and about his passion for parkour.