To everyone who supports Megumi Kurihara

Megumi Kurihara will join JT Marvelous (Head coach: Tomoko Yoshihara / Location: Kita-ku, Osaka City) on June 1, 2018.

Please support Megumi Kurihara and JT Marvelous in the future!!

JT Marvelous<https://www.jti.co.jp/knowledge/marvelous/index.html

【Message from Megumi Kurihara】
Thanks for your constant warm support.
Taking this opportunity, I would like to tell you a piece of news.

I will join JT Marvelous soon.

The general coach Tomoko Yoshihara is an experienced player whom I admire very much.

I contemplated what I could do under the guidance of coach Yoshihara and finally decided to join the team.

Tomoko has a great influence on me. It takes time to make decisions but I determined to join the team led by Tomoko.

I will improve myself and try my best to learn new things from my coach and new team members.

I will devote myself to the team.
Thanks for your support.

Megumi Kurihara
May 30, 2018