Universal official app for LDH kitchen restaurants is available from 6/1 (Fri.)!

■□LDH kitchen's official app is available■□

LDH kitchen has opened restaurants around Japan. LDH kitchen's official app is available now!

There are coupons that you can use immediately after download and a stamp card that can be used repeatedly.
It is an app offering a lot of benefits.

If you register as a member, you will receive LDH kitchen's attractive offers,
exclusive bonus coming with mail magazines and information of latest campaigns!

■Bonus 1
Coupons that can be used immediately after download!

■Bonus 2
Coupons that can be used repeatedly!

■Bonus 3
Stamp card that offers benefits for deposit!

■Bonus 4
Coupons for customers visiting group restaurants!

■Bonus 5
Coupons that can be used in the month of birth!

■Bonus 6
Simple reservation that is convenient for busy people!

■Bonus 7
Latest information about various campaigns!

If you have LDH kitchen's official app,
you can check the location of restaurants and menus easily!
Be sure to download the handy LDH kitchen official app!

LDH kitchen's official app
is available from 6/1 (Fri)!