【Tarou Oumiya】Appearance in NHK's audio drama "Bobu Girl, Chari Boy" on air from 22:00 on 6/16 (Sat.)

Tarou Oumiya will appear in NHK's audio drama "Bobu Girl, Chari Boy"
which will be aired from 22:00 to 22:50 on 6/16 (Sat.)!

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NHK audio drama "Bobu Girl, Chari Boy"

Rina, Hiroki Aiba,
Natsumi Sakaki, Naoto Tada, Suzue Kanazawa, Fumihiro Awano,
Tarou Oumiya, Atsushi Sekiguchi, Michie Kakimaru, Wataru Kajiwara,
Shoko Fujimatsu, Kyono Hirose

Masumi Tanahashi

Gido Hayashi

Director: Yasushi Fujii
Technical cooperation: Yosuke Sato
Sound effect: Masumi Senbongi

The heroine is always late and constantly making mistakes at work. She gets fired repeatedly and keeps saying "I'm sorry. I'm sorry." In the end, she gets herself a job that she can do on her own without regarding other people, which is delivering newspapers. To avoid riding a bicycle on snowy roads, she decides to deliver newspapers with sleighs. Rushing here and there in dark early morning, it is not an enjoyable job at all. When she is full of uncertainties and feels lonely, she encounters a guy who is a deliveryman of another company. She calls the cool guy the "bicycle boy" who rides a bicycle around town on snowy roads. He calls her the "sleighs girl" who travels by a sleighs. They call one another by that...... The story vividly depicts a lonely and clumsy woman who overcomes pain to seek happiness while embracing the hardship in life. The audio drama is adapted from the script which won the 46th Creative Radio Drama Award.