【Surprise release on 7/11 (Wed.)!!】HIP HOP artist SALU's 1st single "Good Vibes Only feat. JP THE WAVY, EXILE SHOKICHI" after transferring to KOMA DOGG / LDH MUSIC has been released!

Artist SALU has established a solid position in the HIP HOP scene at home and abroad through vigorous activities since his debut in 2012. It was announced that he has transferred to KOMA DOGG / LDH MUSIC!

"KOMA DOGG" is a project directed towards the future and initiated by EXILE SHOKICHI who is also from Hokkaido like SALU. The team is formed by producers, creators and fans who have been making music together with SHOKICHI since he started carrying out solo activities. With comrades who resonate with EXILE SHOKICHI's attitude to music and his music style, they expand music scene and aim at building a new LDH MUSIC!

SALU's 1st single "Good Vibes Only" after joining the new crew KOMA DOGG is an excellent collaboration song with KOMA DOGG's leader EXILE SHOKICHI and JP THE WAVY who participated in the REMIX of "Cho Wavy De Gomenne" last year!!
SUNNY BOY's nice beats and the "Good Vibes" of 3 artists make it a perfect song for the summer season!

Moreover, the B-side track "My Love" is the most positive love song in the history of SALU. Along with the guitar play of Erick "Jesus" Coomes who also participated in the production of Dr.Dre's latest album "Compton" and the track composed by DJ 2HIGH (the only Japanese member of DPG led by SNOOP DOGG), SALU's unique rap flow goes well with the beautiful melodies. It is a wonderful love song full of kindness.
Six years has passed since his impressive debut, and SALU will take a new step in a new world!!

Be sure to check it out!

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