RED DIAMOND DOGS' "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" was released on 7/11 (Wed.) and it is now available for download! The music video and artist photo have been unveiled!

was released on 7/11 (Wed.)!
It is a support song written for the popular baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka.

The band "RED DIAMOND DOGS" led by EXILE ATSUSHI released their new song "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" which is a support song written for baseball player Matsuzaka who plays for Chunichi Dragons. Its music video has been unveiled and splendid artists, talents and athletes who are of the same generation as Matsuzaka appear in it!

"RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" and "Memory Rain" which is a youth song about the fleeting young love are available for download from 7/11 (Wed.)!

"RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" is written for baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka, a friend of EXILE ATSUSHI's who transferred to Chunichi Dragons this year. "Matsuzaka, a friend of the same age as me whom I have known for more than 15 years, will return after injury and recapture his glory. There is nothing I can do for him except music." On the basis of such thoughts, EXILE ATSUSHI put all his heart into this support song. EXILE ATSUSHI's friends DOBERMAN INFINITY, JAY'ED and MABU who share the same thoughts appeared as featuring artists.

In the music video, celebrities who were born in the 1980s and share EXILE ATSUSHI's perception of Matsuzaka appeared as featuring artists and cheered for Matsuzaka.
Short-distance race legend Shingo Suetsugu who won the silver medal in the 400m relay at Beijing Olympics also participated in the music video. He commented: "Matsuzaka and EXILE ATSUSHI work in different fields and they still shine in their respective fields. We are friends who work hard together in baseball, singing and racing ."
Comedians Miyuki Oshima (Morisanchu), Daigo (Chidori) and Kenji Murakami (Fruit Punch) also appeared in a scene related to baseball and played umpire and batters!

Moreover, EXILE's Toshio Matsumoto, EXILE ÜSA, EXILE MAKIDAI, EXILE AKIRA, EXILE TAKAHIRO, Keiji Kuroki who was in baseball club during his school days, EXILE SHOKICHI, EXILE NAOTO and Mandy Sekiguchi also appeared to show their respect for Matsuzaka!

This music video was created based on an image of the black and white world in which baseball player Daisuke Matsuzaka competes. In such a world, the "red" color of RED DIAMOND DOGS and team color "blue" of Chunichi Dragons which Matsuzaka currently belongs to stand out in the video.

"White and black" and "red and blue" are opposite colors. With such color combinations, the world where light and darkness is decided by one ball is shown. A music video depicting Matsuzaka's life of winning and losing on the baseball court has been created!

EXILE ATSUSHI commented on the completed music video: "We used red and blue for the contrast and created an interesting music video through various ways. Those who participated in this music video are my drinking buddies and that's why we can unite together to cheer for Matsuzaka. And because of this, the filming was fun and everyone were in high spirits which were different from before. It has become an experience that I will not forget for the rest of my life."

Besides cheering for Matsuzaka, EXILE ATSUSHI also wants to "give power to everyone who listens to this song". We hope you can feel his love in this song!

【Music video of "RED SOUL BLUE DRAGON" has been unveiled!】

<EXILE ATSUSHI's Comment to Matsuzaka>
I usually call Matsuzaka Dai-chan. Congratulations on returning to Japan's professional baseball world!
Seeing him walk up along with my song after victory, I felt so excited and happy!
Dai-chan will surely shine on the court and we want to support you. Please deliver more victories and bring hopes to people throughout Japan.

In addition, RED DIAMOND DOGS' "Memory Rain" is a youth song about the fleeting young love. Everyone had times when they were just genuinely thinking about their loved one. This song is also available for download. Go check it out!


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"Memory Rain"
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【RED DIAMOND DOGS released two songs at the same time!!】


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