【Shoichiro Masumoto】Serving as the scriptwriter of the movie "BACK STREET GIRLS -Gokudolls-" opened in theaters nationwide from 2/8/2019 (Fri.)

Shoichiro Masumoto serves as the scriptwriter of the movie "BACK STREET GIRLS -Gokudolls-"
which is screened in theaters nationwide from 2/8/2019 (Fri.)!

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Movie "BACK STREET GIRLS -Gokudolls-"
released nationwide on 2/8/2019 (Fri.)

Gangsters make their debut as pop idols after a full-body plastic surgery!?

"In our souls, we will always be yakuza! We are men's men! ... Even though we have become like this!"
In Inugane-gumi which is full of able members, the trio Kentaro Yamamoto, Ryo Tachibana and Kazuhiko Sugihara are particularly good.
Discriminated and expelled from society, they are saved by Inugane-gumi and feel a strong obligation toward their organization. They swear to work for the organization as manly men!
However, after a major failure, Kentaro, Ryo and Kazuhiko were forced by the leader of Inugane-gumi to go to Thailand for a full-body plastic surgery! And the leader says to them: "From today you are pop idols! Do your best in the entertainment world and work hard to make money!" ......!
But even though they now have the appearance of cute girls, they keep the yakuza spirit alive in their hearts...
Unexpected troubles always seems to be drawn to them!
"We ... we are yakuza...!" "But... But why do we have to do that...!"
Will the three of them work for the organization as girls and idols?
An unprecedented idol legend depicting the mental conflict of "being idols and yakuza at the same time" that no one has ever seen will raise its curtain!!

Jasmine Gyuh "Back Street Girls" (published in Kodansha "Weekly Young Magazine")

Shoichiro Masumoto, Hidehiro Ito

Keinosuke Hara

Jin Shirasu, Reiya Masaki, Masato Hanazawa, Natsumi Okamoto, Ruka Matsuda, Akane Sakanoue, Tetsuya Sugaya, Nana Asakawa, Rina Akiyama, Kaho Takashima, Hitoshi Ozawa, Dori Sakurada / Ren Osugi (cameo appearance), Koichi Iwaki

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