【COVER: FANTASTICS】The February issue of "GEKKAN EXILE" to be released on 12/27 (Thu.)!!

The February issue of "GEKKAN EXILE"
will be released on 12/27 (Thu.)!


FANTASTICS from EXILE TRIBE made their major debut on 12/5 (Wed.)!
Their debut single "OVER DRIVE", which was an audition song for the 3rd round audition of "EXILE Presents VOCAL BATTLE AUDITION5 ~To Young People with Dreams~", was also performed on "Musha Shugyo FANTASTIC 9"!
Apart from photos that fully shows the charm of FANTASTICS, their thoughts about the major debut will also be presented to you!
Moreover, you can also enjoy a report on the "OVER DRIVE" music video shooting and their debut event held at DiverCity Tokyo Plaza!

This year is the 100th anniversary of "children's song"! Here comes the movie "KONOMICHI" which is about the friendship between talented poet Hakushu Kitahara and gifted musician Kosaku Yamada!
A special talk between Nao Omori and AKIRA who play the lead roles in this movie will be presented to you! There is also a report on the advance screening event held on 11/11 (Sun.)!
Moreover, AKIRA has been carrying out activities as a member of EXILE that came back this year and as a member of EXILE THE SECOND. He also published his first autobiography. 2018 has been a major milestone for AKIRA.
EXILE AKIRA looks back at his activities over the past year and talks about the prospects for 2019!

Themed upon "ultimate sexiness" and "The sun never sets = Byakuya (midnight sun)", EXILE SHOKICHI's first photo book "BYAKUYA" is currently on hot sale.
Alongside the photoshoot, "GEKKAN EXILE" shows you the charm of SHOKICHI from a different angle than "BYAKUYA"!
Don't miss out on a special interview where he talks about his thoughts on his first photo book!

and more...

Please stay tuned for this month's GEKKAN EXILE which is full of splendid content☆