【Norihisa Hiranuma, Shoichiro Masumoto and Kei Watanabe serve as scriptwriters! Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, RYU and Takahide Suzuki will appear!!】The movie "HiGH & LOW THE WORST" will be shown from 10/4 (Fri.)

Norihisa Hiranuma, Shoichiro Masumoto and Kei Watanabe serve as scriptwriters!
Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, RYU and Takahide Suzuki will appear!!
The movie "HiGH & LOW THE WORST":
Oya Koukou VS Housen Gakuen
will be shown from 10/4 (Fri.)!!
The largest super project in the history of Japanese action movies kicks off!
An unbelievable crossover movie combining the two masterpieces:
"HiGH & LOW" ✕ "CROWS" & "WORST" will be created!

The "HiGH & LOW" series which depicts men's friendship and fierce battles presented in various forms grossed a record-breaking 6.5 billion yen and drew an audience of more than 4.5 million people. "HiGH & LOW" will launch a collaboration with "CROWS" and "WORST" (Original creator: Hiroshi Takahashi), the masterpieces of high school delinquent manga which have sold a total of 75 million copies!!

EXILE HIRO is the project producer. Director Shigeaki Kubo teams up with action director Takahito Ouchi while Hiroshi Takahashi and the scriptwriter team of "HiGH & LOW" are responsible for the script.
This movie presents a world where Toaru city and the SWORD area, which are the main stages of "CROWS" & "WORST" and "HiGH & LOW", intersect. Two high schools, "the dark and brutal senior high school" Oya Koukou from the "HiGH & LOW" series and the strongest fighters of "Housen Gakuen" from "CROWS" & "WORST" whose members except gang leaders all have shaved heads, will appear.

The equilibrium which was maintained by Oya Koukou Full-time School collapses and each faction competes for hegemony. Entering the era of vicious competition, Oya Koukou also fights against the members of the new generation from Housen Gakuen which was known as the most powerful school in the past.

The cast includes Yuki Yamada whom we know for playing the part-time school gang leader Murayama in the "HiGH & LOW" series, Takayuki Suzuki, Wataru Ichinose, Sho Kiyohara and Goki Maeda who plays Todoroki, a full-time school gang leader with tremendous power.
Moreover, RYU, Takahide Suzuki and other cast members from the "HiGH & LOW" series will also appear!!

What's more, Kazuma Kawamura will play Fujio Hanaoka, a transfer student who aims to become a leader of the full-time school.
Hokuto Yoshino, Fuju Kamio, Ryuji Sato and other young actors will play freshmen of the full-time school!

Oya Koukou enters the era of vicious competition and each faction engages in fierce battles.

【Cast of Oya Koukou Full-time School】
From left to right) Ryuji Sato, Satoshi Uekiya, RYU, Takahide Suzuki, Goki Maeda, Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Kohei Fukuyama (above), Ken Nakajima (below), Fuju Kamio

【Cast of Oya Koukou Part-time School】
From left to right) Sho Jinnai, Sho Kiyohara, Wataru Ichinose, Yuki Yamada, Takayuki Suzuki, Ken Aoki

"HiGH & LOW" / "WORST"

【Project Producer】

Shigeaki Kubo The "HiGH & LOW" Series

【Actions Director】
Takahito Ouchi The "HiGH & LOW" Series / The "Rurouni Kenshin" Series

Hiroshi Takahashi / Norihisa Hiranuma, Shoichiro Masumoto, Kei Watanabe

■Oya Koukou Full-time School
Kazuma Kawamura, Hokuto Yoshino, Kohei Fukuyama, Takahide Suzuki, RYU, Ryuji Sato, Satoshi Uekiya, Fuju Kamio, Ken Nakajima / Goki Maeda
■Oya Koukou Part-time School
Yuki Yamada, Takayuki Suzuki, Wataru Ichinose, Ken Aoki, Sho Kiyohara, Sho Jinnai

Project Planning: HI-AX
Distribution: SHOCHIKU Co., Ltd.
Production: "HiGH & LOW" Production Committee / Production Company: imageField
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